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Sebring, Highlands County, FL Off of Vaughn Road

     This is a privately owned Cemetery and appears to lay on part of what was once the Florida homestead of Samuel E. Prescott.  A memorial marker, markes his burial spot today with his orginial marker now acking as a footstone.

     From US Hwy 27 take Hwy 66 West travel about 3-4 miles down to State Road 635 North or to the right.  Travel North to Vaughn Road to your left or West again.  Follow Vaughn Road to itís end.  Turn right and go through what appears to be a gate for an orange grove sign says (No Tresspassing)  as long as you remain on this road or turn around at the telephone pole near the gate to the old Cemetery and DO NOT enter the Grove, your fine and will not get into any trouble.  This is because of the newer CANKER LAWS in Florida which protect the Citrus Growers from the spread of this killer of Fruit for which our state generates a large amount of revenue.

Ok about 1/2 way down this dirt road off Vaughn Road you will note a tall fence to the left.  Also there is a telephone pole about that same place along this road.  If you will look close you will notice a gate.  It is not locked.  It appears to be but I have never found it locked.  This lets you into the Cemetery which you should be able to see at this point.

Prescott Cemetery Data

Headstone Information
Infant Summeralls No Dates
Loury Prescott Only date given 1908
Infant Summeralls No Dates
Henry Prescott Only date given 1931
Samuel E. Prescott (this is the largest marker there)
Veteran Indian and Civil Wars
2nd Reg. FLA Milita 1837 - 1838
1st. Reg. GA Milita   1839 - 1840
Co C 7th FLA INF. C S A 1861 - 1865
                   Dedicated By
Sebring Histroical Society
                 July 1976
1824 - 1897
John M. Prescott 7/21/1860 - 8/12/1934
Willie Prescott No Dates
Ollie Prescott No Dates
Elvira Prescott Budd 1870 - 1958
George G. Budd 1892 - 1948
Samuel Lee Weeks 12/7/1900 - 3/15/1978
Infant Ophelia Williams 6/1/1931  10y 2m 8d
Infant Williams 9/10/1931

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