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 The Edna Pearce Lockett Estate Cemetery

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Located in Highlands County Off HWY 98 Near the Kissimmee River


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The Edna Pearce Lockett Estate Cemetery is located off Hwy 98 East on the Kissimmee River. It is shaded under huge Oak trees which are as old it would seem as the dirt in which they grow. The Estate did not all way take up this spot however. During the Indian Wars here in Florida it was once the site of a Fort that they called Fort Bassinger.

It was located on a major waterway and so it made it easy to ship in supplies for the fort during these wars. During this time a small community grew and thrived for a time. After the wars it soon became a ghost town and years later the Pearce homeplace.

So the Edna Pearce Lockett Estate Cemetery is the Pearce Family Cemetery of long ago.

It only contains Six grave sites but it is located in Highlands Co. and so is listed on these pages.

Watch for more pages coming soon with photos of the Old Barn, the house and others of interest to the area. In the meantime listed here are the six graves that I found on the Estate.


Photo Credit to June Stumpf Gordon,  she  is John M. Pearce's first cousin, 5 times removed.

Laura Pearce Alderman
b. 9/20/1861
d. 2/20/1903

John M. Pearce
b. 11/17/1834
d. Org. Stone date 9/28/1897
d. On military Stone 9/27/1897
Serg. FA Hendry Co.
Col. J.C. Munnerlyn's Batt.
Confederate States Army

Martha A. Pearce
Wife Of J.M. Pearce
b. 9/11/1838
d. 9/27/1911

Infant of F.B. & S.R. Pearce
b. 1889
d. 1889

Maud Infant Born of
F.B. & S. R. Pearce
b. 6/30/1892
d. 6/6/1893

Lownie Son of R.L. & M
b. 5/22/1899
d. 12/8/1900 or 1908 (stone broke and the middle part is missing so it could be a 0 or an 8 not sure of this one.

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