Tangerine Cemetery

From Orlando area; Take Orange Blossom Trail (US-441) heading north. When you get to Apopka, US 441 becomes E. Main Street. Continue on E. Main past the SR-429 TOLL Road to Sadler Drive. Take a Right at Sadler which has a traffic signal. On your left will be the Lake Ola Baptist Church. Once you pass the church you will notice heavy brush area where the road is going to bend to the right and there is a turn off towards the left. The turn on your left is Cemetery Road which is a dead end road.
CAUTION!! At this turn, it is very difficult to see oncoming cars from around the bend with all the overhanging trees in dire need of trimming. Now that you have made the turn, continue around to the left and the road will straighten as you pass properties 1 mile from this point. The entrance to Tangerine Cemetery is on your right.
The first time that I visited this area the gate to the cemetery was closed. I have seen references that indicate that this cemetery was the Afro-American cemetery for Tangerine and Zellwood while Evergreen was for whites. I have not yet seen any documented proof of this but the practice was quite common prior to 1970. When I returned some days later, the gate was open, so I was able to enter and get some pictures. This is a good sized cemetery with many headstones. I found dates from 1914 to 2003. In the back section of the cemetery, it appears that the cemetery may still be active.
There are no signs indicating who maintains the cemetery, but maintenance appears to be haphazard. There is evidence of illegal dumping at the site. Some areas seem well cared for while others look abandoned.
Update: According to the Orange County Property Appraiser website, the property is owned by the Tangerine Colored Cemetery Association, PO Box 186, Tangerine, Florida 32777.