P.O. BOX 991

OAKLAND, FL 34760-0991


DATE:               November 22, 2000


TO:                   Town of Oakland


FROM:              The Oakland Cemetery Association Board of Directors


SUBJECT:         Contacts for the Oakland Cemetery


In an effort to improve your ability to contact the Oakland Cemetery Association in a timely manner, this memo has been developed to get you the contact person(s) you need for activities or information concerning the Oakland Cemetery. Please contact those individuals listed below for each of the items for the quickest response. Their telephone numbers and addresses are listed on the accompanying list of the Board of Directors for the Cemetery Association. Please feel free to contact any board member at any time you have a need.


For Purchase of Cemetery Lots:                          Contact Mark Griffith or Robert Griffith

For Location/identification/Marking of Grave Sites:            Contact Mark Griffith or Phil Cross

For Cemetery Guidelines:                                               Contact Jack Ross, Robert Griffith, or Mark Griffith

For General Information:                                     Contact Phil Cross or Mark Griffith


In Case You Are Not Able To Contact the Designated Person(s): Contact Phil Cross or Mark Griffith




President Phil Cross

410 N. Lakeview Ave. Winter Garden FL 34787-2716

407-656-5056, (H) 407-656-2332 (0) 407-877-0868 (F) 407-509-4572 (M)   E- Mail:Crossrails@aol.com


Vice-President Dave Stanford

190 Temple Grove Dr. Winter Garden, FL 34787

407-656-3627 (H) 40.7-656-0481 (F)   E-Mail: BigD@magicnet.net


Treasurer Mark Griffith

P.O. Box 783806 Winter Garden, FL 34778-3806

407-656-3211 (H) 407-656-2211 (0) 407-656-9719 (F) 407-758-6632 (M) 407-539-7474 (P)   E-Mail: mgriff@magic.net.


Secretary Jack Ross

P.O. Box 167 Oakland, FL 34760

407-656-2123 (H) 407-876-0712(F) 407- 810-4786 (M)


Gretchen Boyd

P.O. Box 771066 Winter Garden, FL 34777-1066 

407-656-6231 (H) 407-656-1416 (F)


Charles McMillan

P.O. Box 770037 Winter Garden, FL 34777-0037  

407-656-1496 (H)


Fred Shepherd

P.O. Box 128 Oakland, FL 34760

407 -656-2687 (H)


Jane Voss

P.O. Box 415 Oakland, FL 34760

407-656-2362 (H)


Robert J. Griffith

P.O. Box 335 Oakland, FL 34760

407-656-3101 (H) 407-656-3101 (F) 407-342-2300 (M)   EMAIL:  griffith@smnet.net


Norma McMillan

4118 Willow Bay Dr. Winter Garden, FL 34787

407 -656-3022(H)


John Thoren

P.O. Box 178 Oakland, FL 34760

407-656-1865 (H)


Bob Willis

P.O. Box 246 Oakland, FL 34760

407-656-3721 (H)