Locke-Boggy Creek Cemetery

The cemetery is located in southeast Orange County just south of the Orlando International Airport. It is on Boggy Creek Road (SR-527A) between the Bee Line Expressway (SR-528) to the north and the Central Florida GreenWay (SR-417) to the south. The cemetery is on the south side of Boggy Creek Rd. The site is very rural and isolated.
When I visited this cemetery in Dec 2008, the grounds appeared too be fairly well maintained, presumeably by Orange County. The chain link fence surrounding it is in good condition. There are many unmarked graves and several with only an unmarked concrete block to indicate the location of a grave. There are also a few metal markers, most of which are rusted beyond recovery.
The only parking area near this cemetery is in a shallow ditch along side of the road, not recommended during rainy season. There are no signs on the property.
Many of the grave markers are for the Locke family. Some resources refer to this cemetery as the Locke Cemetery and others refer to it as the Boggy Creek Cemetery. My speculation is that it is similar to the Drawdy-Rouse Cemetery, where the family that started it was the Drawdy family and it is located on Rouse Road. So, to add to the confusion, I now refer to this cemetery as the Locke-Boggy Creek Cemetery. Map