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Mr. Van Bevans, of the Antioch settlement, is a business visitor in the city today. Source: Daily Democrat: 11-29-1907



Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Beach and T. F. Beach spent Sunday with their brother, Sanford Beach and wife. Source: Suwannee Democrat: 1-15-09

Mr. Lee Owens, Mrs. Sallie Cason and son Roy, spent Sunday with Mrs. Cason’s parents, Mr. and Mr. M. Boyd. Source: Suwannee Democrat: 1-15-1909


Columbus is a ghost town now located within the Suwannee River State Park.

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Dowling Park


Mrs. W. M. Clark, of Dowling Park, is in the city shopping today. Source: Daily Democrat: 11-29-1907


A boom town in the 1800's declining in early 1900's, now a ghost town.

Ellaville, located in Suwannee County near the Suwannee River State Park on US 90 has had a varied past.  It was a boom town in the 1800's and had attracted around 1000 people.  Being located at the convergence of two rivers, the Suwannee and Withlacoochee, it was a natural spot for logging interests.  George Drew and Louis Bucki took advantage of the area and produced turpentine, ran a sawmill and also built railroad cars for a time.  

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P. D. Claridy, one of the Democrat’s old friends and subscribers, was in to see us Monday and had his address changed from Emerson to Luraville. He rented his farm at Emerson and moved to Luraville. Source: Suwannee Democrat: 1-8-1909



Falmouth…Mrs. J. W. Hall and daughter, were in Live Oak one day last week, shopping. Source: Suwannee Democrat: 7-16-1909

Falmouth…Joe Warner and Mr. Clayton, Walter Holland and G. W. Powers were visitors at our school this week. Source: Suwannee Democrat: 7-16-1909

Hickory Sink


Mr. Miller will give a lecture on music at the school house, May 30th, 10 a. m. Source: Suwannee Democrat: 5-21-1909



J. T. Bethea, a farmer and a mighty good citizen of this county, of near Houston, was a caller at the Democrat office Christmas Eve and left a silver dollar to be credited to his subscription account. Source: Suwannee Democrat: 1-1-1909



R. H. Warren, of the Hurst neighborhood, is in the city on business today. Source: Daily Democrat: 11-29-1907

Live Oak


Col. Ira J. Carter and other legal lights, of Live Oak, are in attendance upon circuit court at Perry this week. Source: Suwannee Democrat: 10-1-1909

L. A. Crawford returned from a few days’ visit with his family in O’Brien. Source: Daily Democrat: 11-19-1907

Mrs. Eva Wilkerson, who has been at home in Live Oak this summer, left Friday for Jacksonville, where she goes to resume her duties as teacher in the Duval High School. Source: Suwannee Democrat: 10-1-1909



M. C. Renick of Luraville and his sister from Virginia left for their respective homes, via the F. C. & P. railroad, yesterday, after a pleasant visit to Mrs. E. A. White. Mr. Renick formerly resided here and has many warm friends. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 5-6-1899

D. Ghiotto, of Luraville, Fla. Was in the brick city yesterday. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 7-12-1895

E. P. Espen of Luraville, Fla. Is in our city. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 8-13-1895




Arthur Lamb, of McAlpin, is here for a few days’ visit with home folks. Source: Daily Democrat: 11-29-1907



Miss Irene Johns is visiting the home of Mr. J. W. Cason, this week. Source: Live Oak daily Democrat: 9-3-1909

Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Howes were in Live Oak shopping one day last week. Source: Live Oak daily Democrat: 9-3-1909

Mrs. G. F. Newlan and Mrs. J. B. Howes visited friends and relatives near Pine Grove last week. They report a pleasant

visit. Source: Live Oak daily Democrat: 9-3-1909

Newburn...A. S. Johnson and Wm. Whatley attended the W. O. W. picnic at Wellborn last week. We have not seen either of them since the picnic, but if Mr. Johnson did not enjoy the day ‘twas because he failed to get enough dinner? Source: Live Oak daily Democrat: 9-3-1909

Newburn…Sunday school at Wesley Chapel was organized last Saturday. Mr. Johnson was elected superintendent and Mr. G. A. Howes is bible teacher. Source: Suwannee Democrat: 7-2-1909



E. J. Arnold, of O’Brien, called at this office Saturday and left a dollar for subscription to the Democrat. Source: Suwannee Democrat: 10-1-1909

J. M. Welch, of O’Brien, was in the city last Friday. He favored the Democrat with a visit and left the cash to renew his subscription to the Democrat. Source: Suwannee Democrat: 2-26-1909




Live Oak…Horace Hurst, of Padlock, spent Saturday night with his friend, Mr. B. M. Holland, of this section. Source: Suwannee Democrat: 8-27-1909

J. Perry Hodge, teacher of the Padlock school, filled Rev. T.A. Cox’s appointment Saturday night and Sunday at Mt. Zion church. Mr. Hodge is an able speaker, and gave the people a nice lecture. Source: Suwannee Democrat: 8-27-1909



S. C. Humphreys, of Peacock, Fla., arrived in Anderson Monday and is in the county visiting his parents, both of whom are sick. Source: Anderson Intelligencer: 4-16-1902

Pine Grove


Dr. McRae’s residence, , on Pine Grove, will soon be completed, and is going to be a handsome and commodious home. Source: Suwannee Democrat: 9-24-10-9



Miss Ruby Lane Mobley, one of Suwannee county’s charming young ladies returned with her brother from his visit to their parent’s home at Pinemount, and is his guest for the week. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 7-8-1920



Mrs. Joab Blackman, of Rixford, was shopping in Live Oak Tuesday. Source: Suwannee Democrat: 10-1-1909


Rocky Sink


J. L. Jowers, who lives in the Rocky Sink neighborhood was on our streets today, trading and looking after business affairs. Source: Live Oak daily Democrat: 10-18-1907

J. M. Brown and S. J. Brown, of the Rocky Sink settlement, were among our friends from the country this morning, who are in our town trading. Source: Live Oak daily Democrat: 10-18-1907



P. M. Lanier, of Rossburg, was shaking hands with Live Oak friends Monday. Source: Suwannee Democrat: 10-1-1909

Suwannee Station


Mrs. M. C. Barrow, of Suwannee Station, is in the city shopping today. Source: Daily Democrat: 11-29-1907

Tiger Lake


Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Adams, who have been visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. V. Mills, have returned to their home in Perry. Source: Suwannee Democrat: 7-2-1909



A. W. McLeran left Monday for Valdosta on business. Source: Suwannee Democrat: 10-3-1909

Miss Fannie Powers is at home for a few days vacation. Source: Suwannee Democrat: 10-3-1909

Dr. T. J. Hackney visited Live Oak on important business one day this week. Source: SuwanneeDemocrat: 10-3-1909



Wilmarth…Mr. T. J. Webb, formerly of this county, but now of Wilmarth, Fla., has been in Ocala for a week on business and visiting his brother-in-law, Mr. M. F. Dodson. Mr. Webb arranged to have the Star follow him to his home at Wilmarth. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 8-7-1914

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