Suwannee Co. FL Historic Places

Property Address Comments & Significant Periods
Allison, George, House 418 W. Duval St., Live Oak 1927  (1925-1949) Colonial Revival  aka sf-8SU0043   #95000369
Blackwell, Bishop B., House 110 Parshley St., Live Oak aka Weldon House  #85000360  1886 (1875-1899)
Hull-Hawkins House 19 mi S of Live Oak on FL 49 aka Hawkins House  1854-1874
Old Live Oak City Hall 212 N. Ohio Ave, Live Oak Italian Villa  aka City of Live Oak Police and Fire Dept 1900-1924
Price, Dr., House 702 Pine Ave., Live Oak Queen Anne 1900-1924
Suwannee Co. Courthouse 200 S. Ohio Ave, Live Oak Renaissance 1925-1949, 1900-1924
Union Depot and Atlantic Coast Line Freight Station 200 Blk of  N. Ohio Ave, Live Oak 1900-1024 No longer in use
source:  National Registery of Historic Places

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