Say It Aint So

Here we are looking at some of the things that landed our
 ancestors in jail. Some can be quite amusing, while some are
tragic. Some were nothing much at all. Below is the name of
the article followed by a surname where applicable and date. 

Tried and Discharged Verner, Hutson 1908 View
Fight Over Girl Leads to Crushed Skull Jordan Mitchell, Hocker, Bullock, Crawford 1900 View
Shot and Wounded Tillis 1897 View
Guilty of Embezzelment Williams, Waid, Cleveland, Gloster, Brown 1905 View
Three Of A Kind Gart, Bullock, Davis,Zewadski,
 Thomas, Lamphen
1900 View
Reward Offered After Murder Nugent, Register, Norman, Horne 1902 View
Stole A Bicycle Owens 1895 View
Thief Captured After Hard Fight Gress, Williams, Frederic 1900 View
Attempted Murder Case Being Tried Yarborough 1908 View
In The Circuit  Court Nye, Akin 1922 View
Confiscated Sein Sold Black, Freeman, Nugent, Pasteur 1902 View
Butcher Arrested By Levy Co. Sheriff Black, Garret 1897 View
Charges Of Killing Husband Dismissed Bradley, Bell 1910 View
Jury Finds Second Degree Murder O'Neill 1908 View
Busy Day At Mayor's Court Morton, Martin, Jewett 1908 View
Prisoners Escaped, One Caught Allen, Richards, Hall 1922 View
Counterfeiter Gets Nabbed Dorsey 1921 View
Acquitted of Incest Bullock, Walker 1911 View
Shot by Grandfather Smith, Singles 1913 View
Two Youths Taken To Reform School Simpson, Hopkins, Smith 1913 View
Mistrial In Attempted Murder Case Smith, Bullock 1911 View
Robbery Trial Postponed Woodward, Smith, Waters, Wade, Johns 1915 View
Doctor Accused of Cruety To Animals Grothe, Zewadski, Miller, Crawford 1900 View
Unlawful Collectin of Fees Gibson 1913 View
Man Stabbed by Emplyee Ray, Hall, Powers 1904 View
Woman Beaten To Near Death Clements, Tucker 1900 View
Postmaster Charged With Embezzlement Bishop 1905 View
Shot While Trying To Escape Nugent, Williams, Drawford 1902 View
Trusted Railroad Agent Short $50,000 Luckenbill 1900 View
Brazen Would-Be Assailant Adams 1904 View
Cuts Another Woman With Razor Killinge, Craford 1900 View
Tried For Murder Barco, Sampson 1912 View
Old Negro Servant Runs Amuck and Is Killed Robinson, Stevens, Butler, Gordon 1900 View
A Free Man Frank, Gardner, Abrams, Handelsman 1900 View
A Shooting Scrape Walters, Williams, Hood 1900 View
The Robbers Caught Blitch, Williams, Pitts 1908 View
Seeking Recovery of Horse Priest, Lamb, Bullock 1900 View
Bound Over For Robbing Postoffice Porter, Williams 1901 View
Moonshiner Sentenced Curry 1900 View
Six Months For Not Returning Bicycle Liddon, Bullock, Levels, Yonge 1901 View
Cuts Timber On Government Land William, Deason 1903 View
Justifiable Killing Chappell, Pasteur, Smith, Clark, Pitts
Bailey, Crayhill, Beckham
1900 View
Escaped Prisoner Located Nugent 1900 View
Day In Court Bullock, Evin, Corkey, Dreson, Santos 1907 View
Killed Someone Over Five Cents Nelson, Crawford, Graham, Galloway, Jones 1909 View
In The Mayor's Court Woodford, Riggin, Holly, Cleveland 1903 View
Pleads Guilty  To Manslaughter Swain, West 1909 View
Practiced Denestry Without A License Bell, Harvey, Bullock, Izlar 1905 View
Shot Someone Collins, Crawford,
 Hollingshead, Tompkins
1900 View
Preacher Beats Wife Roberson, Nugent, Crawford 1900 View
Bigamy Zedwaski, Bagett 1904 View
Killing Birds Tison, Bullock 1905 View
Assault On Girl Edwards, Nugent 1908 View
Some Bad Negro Allen, Hough 1900 View
Selling Booze McAllister, Munroe 1906 View
Assault Brown, Bullock 1905 View
Murder Charge Hocker, Freeman, Bullock 1900 View
Ungallant Hubby 1901 View
Three Prisoners Break Jail Smith, Jackson, Johnson
1904 View
Town Marshal Embezzels Dawkins, Black, Harris
Gibson, McNeil, Eichberg
1871 View
Steals Cow Higginbothem, Bullock 1900 View
Breaks Into Postoffice Williams, Agnew, Chambers 1904 View
Vagrancy "Buzzard" 1902 View
Crazy Drunk Greek Miller 1900 View
Captured...Wanted For Operating Illicit Still Curry,Peacock, Hunnicutt, Stinkney
Smith, Hutson, Standley
1900 View
Inapropriate "Carnal " Behavior Brown, Zewadski 1902 View
Doctor Fatally Wounded Skipworth, Thomas 1909 View
Stabbed Her "Fellow" To Death Mixson, Butler, Mathews 1903 View
Shooting Scrape White, Carmichael 1904 View
Obtained Money Under False Pretences Greenfield, Bullock 1905 View
Before Judge Bell Caldwell, Bass, Nugent, Bell 1908 View
Given Life In Prison Dukes 1902 View
Guilty Of Manslaughter Gallipeau, Bell, Davis, Carter,
Zewadski, Brumby, Williams
1900 View
Implicated In Two Murders Cook, Love, Ruth 1904 View
Arrested For Theft Miller, Jackson, Hutson,
Drakes, Reaves
1908 View
Too Much Strong Drink No Names 1905 View
Claims Killing Was Accidental Green 1900 View
Repays Kindness By Robbing Him Burch, Howell, Rhodes 1908 View
Robbery At Candler Evans, Love, Baxter 1908 View
Gives Himself Up Jacobs, McCracklin, Nugent 1900 View
Twelve Convicts Taken To Marion Farms Temple 1909 View
Robbed For A Jug OF Spirits Page, Caldwell, Looney, Miller
Zewadski, Dorsey, Bell
1905 View
Kills A Man With Knife Price 1889 View
About To Skip Town Scarborough 1902 View
Guilty For Illegal Fishing Black, Freeman 1903 View
Arrested For Fishing Violation Scarborough, Chambers 1903 View

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