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Commissioned Justice of the Peace Crawford 1898 View
Appointed Tax Collector Thaggard 1898 View
Tax Collector and All Around Good Man Wartman 1897 View
Populist Party Favorite In Town Lytle, Borden 1908 View
To Make Formal Announcement of Candacy Fort, Martin 1918 View
Secretary of Marion Co. Board of Trade Rooney 1913 View Pic
Upcoming Elections Payne, Sistrunk, Graham, Williams
 Strozler, McLeod
1900 View
Hoping For Re-Election Galloway 1915 View Pic
Judge Wm. M Gober Gober 1911 View Pic
Municiple Elections at Belleview Millisom, Hopkins, Nott, Freeman, Ridge 1908 View
High Praise For Newly Elected Mayor Robertson, Izlar, McNames 1908 View
Announces Candidacy For Tax Collector Stripling 1914 View Pic
Belleview Chamber Head Will Retire Martin, Boyer 1928 View
A Candadate For Sheriff Lewis 1916 View Pic
Editor Will Represent Marion County In Baltimore Harris 1912 View Pic
Florida's Press Agent From Marion County Rooney 1914 View Pic
Wants To Be Game Warden Waterman, McCully, McCranny 1908 View
Candidate For Sheriff Miller 1908 View
Executive Committeeman Candidate Rogers 1908 View
Wins Run-Off Election Resulting With War Of Words Johnson, Leitner 1902 View
Wants To Be Sheriff Of Marion County Galloway 1908 View Pic
Candidate For Supervisor Of Registration Frank 1908 View Pic
Candidate For The Legislature Griffith 1908 View Pic
Sworn In As Marshall Bishop, Williams 1905 View
Announces Candidacy For Legislature Miller 1900 View
Wants To Be County Assessor Graham 1900 View
Bullock For Governor Bullock 1876 View
Candidate For County Commissioner Edwards 1900 View
Candidate For Tax Assessor Phillips 1908 View
For County Judge Long List 1908 View
Running For Re-Election Helvenston 1909 View
Postmaster Crom 1908 View Pic
State Comptroller Croom 1908 View Pic
Candidate For Sheriff Edwards 1908 View Pic
Candidate For Supervisor Of Registration Frank 1908 View Pic
Candidate For County Commissioner Mackay 1908 View Pic
Candidate For National Democratic Committeeman Robertson 1908 View Pic
Sheriff Gordon 1908 View Pic
Candidate For Legislature Carn 1908 View Pic
Clerk Circuit Court/ Biographical Sketch Sistrunk 1908 View Pic
County Commissioner/Biographical Sketch Fort 1908 View Pic
County and Probate Judge Candidate Bell 1908 View Pic
County Commissioner Candidate Fort 1908 View Pic
County Commissioner Candidate Pyles 1908 View Pic
Tax Collector Candidate Carney 1908 View Pic
Clerk Circuit Court Candidate Sistrunk 1908 View Pic
Candidate to Succeed Himself Pasteur 1908 View Pic
Running For County Commissioner Mathews 1908 View
Honorable Business Record Lancaster 1908 View

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