MOVING DAY Let's take a look at who is moving into and out of the county. Were they relocating for a better opportunity for work, or just frustrated at hard times? Below you will find  the article followed by surname and date.

Shaking The Dust of Marion County Taylor 1913 View
Reverand Moves Family to Minnesota Peck 1895 View
Reverand and Family Move To Temporary Quarters Gray, Anderson, Horne 1912 View
Famous Property Sold Moorehead, Meiswinkle, Christian 1902 View
Moving To Farm Horne 1915 View
Long Time Resident and Miniser Will Move Martin 1900 View
Back For A Visit From Philippines Davis, Maughs 1905 View
Moving Into Town Hall, Gray, Turner 1911 View
Large Contracts Forces Move To Pinellas County Mortland, Johnson 1915 View
Has Returned Back Home To Marion Freymouth 1903 View
Former Vet Here Is Now Physician At Kentucky Guerrant 1913 View
Resumes Position As Teacher Hagins, Gregg 1900 View
Left Friday For Baltimore Mitchell 1900 View
Moves To Atlanta After Touching Goodbye Benjamin 1901 View
Going To Havana Woodroe, Salmon 1898 View
Has Moved to Jacksonville For New Position Pyles, Zaring 1921 View
Accepted A More Lucrative Position Elsewhere Walch, Rheinauer 1901 View
Resigns As Judge Barton 1902 View
Trades Farm For City Life Williams, Eichelburger 1900 View
Ready For The Simple Life Brinson, Brown 1909 View
Moving To Polk County Bryan, McIver, MacKay 1907 View
Age Forces Move To Wachula Goff, Mason 1905 View
Leaves For Former Home In Georgia Palmer 1901 View
Trades News Stand For Laundry Business Connell 1901 View
Will Practice Law In Fort Myers Martin 1901 View
Moves To Atlanta; Will Train Nurses Johnson 1900 View
New Position Forces Move Weathers 1905 View
Floral City Loses Two Physcician's Pillans, Harris 1909 View
Moving To New York Peyser 1901 View
Now Living In Havana Lancaster 1901 View
 New Position Prompts Move To Farm Woodward 1903 View
Here 25 Yrs, Judge Moves To Jacksonville Willliams 1876 View
A Desirable Settler Arrives Anthony 1871 View
Has Left Ocala For Good Owen 1906 View
Moving To Virginia To Work With Family Engleby 1902 View
Another Convert Harter 1876 View
Moving To Miami Brown Jr. 1904 View
Bought Mansion In Citra Williams, Harris 1909 View
Moved To Shady Freeman, Driggers 1907 View
Leaving Ocklawaha Freeman, Gaskins 1904 View
Moves To Make His Fortune Bright 1908 View
Moved Back Home After Many Years Young, Stevens 1908 View
Moved Out Of State Carson 1900 View
A Summer Home Campbell 1900 View
Moved From Alachua to Ocala Tucker 1908 View
Investment Near Stark's Ferry Sims, Arms, Chambliss 1905 View
Moved Back To Ocala Holder 1900 View
Moved To Texas Clark 1909 View
Takes New Position In Tampa Hardaker 1908 View
Doctor Moves To Bartow Thomas, Mathews 1908 View
Families On The Move Tucker, Marlow, Price, McGraw 1906 View
Making Ocala Her Home Burt, Long 1907 View
Doctor Moves Here...Will Raise Stock Green 1906 View

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