Index To Scanned Marriages

Below I have added the names for marriage records, newspaper accounts of marriages and photos that have been scanned. This enables you to see the actual image of a family member's marriage, thus rewarding you in your researching efforts.


Mr. D. N. Waldron & Miss Orilla McDavid...1903

Mr. John Sellers & Miss Nellie Lyles...1903

Mr. John Smith & Miss Nettie Shaw...1903

Mr. Paul D. Bateman & Miss Eula E. Reed...1903

Mr. Theodore Shematyllo & Miss Amanda E. Hall...1851

Mr. John U. Martin & Miss Elizabeth Brinson...1867

Mr. Ed Barnard & Miss Crozelln Wimbly...1903

Mr. T. M. Hampton & Miss A. E. Mathewson...1904

Mr. Jesse E. Dykes & Miss Hattie V. Black...1904

Mr. James C. Freeman & Miss Ida S. Black...1896

Mr. William Johnson & Miss Violet Vaughn...1896

Mr. T Edward Lee & Miss Emily Galbreith...1896

Mr. Alex P. Peterson & Miss Alfreda Dombrock...1904

Mr. Baxter Carn & Miss Julia Cuthill...1906

Dr. J. W. Walter Hood & Mrs. Carrie Barco Long...1906

Mr. H. B. Mock & Miss Sallie Lee Morriston...1903

Mr. Charles R. Shaw & Miss Olive B.Sampson...1900

Mr. James E. Tuberville & Miss Laura Williams...1900

Mr. C. W. Rush & Miss Zulu F. Jones...1901

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