M. F. Townsend

Mr. E. C. McLeod, of Kendrick, was in town yesterday…He told a very interesting story to a Star reporter about his old time friend, Mr. M. F. Townsend and his good wife and the industry they are engaged in and the wonderful manner in which they are succeeding on their farm several miles west of Martin.

All of the constant readers of the Star are acquainted with Mr. Townsend. He is one of the pioneer settlers of the Martin section and has succeeded in whatever he has undertaken from farming, trucking and cattle raising, to his last fad, chicken raising. Mr. and Mrs. Townsend are no longer young, but as the declining sun sheds its shadow on a well spent life, although they do not have to labor for their livelihood, still always wishing to be up and doing something equal to their strength, they have embarked on the chicken raising business and Mr. McLeod says, it is a very interesting picture to note the care they take of their respective charges. Both are in the business on their own initiative, though carried on side by side. Mr. Townsend’s fad is the care of the famous Rhode Island Reds and pure White Leghorn, while the Plymouth Rock is Mrs. Townsend’s specialty. 

Mr. McLeod says it is a picture worth studying and brings with it a lesson we all can learn something of value to human existence and in solving the problem of happiness and contentment and life under the conditions named is worth the living. 

Source: Ocala Banner: 8-5-1908

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