Sumter A. Bullock
Marion County Pioneer

The death last week, (January 1908) of Mr. Sumter A Bullock, who for a number of years, was justice of the peace for this district, removes from Ocala one of her oldest, native born citizens. In fact, there are now living only six or seven middle aged men or women who were born here. Mr. Bullock was fifty-five years of age, was born here and spent his entire life in this county. The writer knew Mr. Bullock intimately, saw and talked with him almost every week day in the year for the past fourteen years and has never met a more kindly, honorable or companionable man. He was firm and manly in the discharge of the duties of his office, but with all, as gentle as a child. For many years he has been a great sufferer, often coming to his office in the greatest of pain. Rheumatism, kidney and bladder trouble, combined to wreck his body and there was scarcely a day for the last year when he was not enduring pain from one of these maladies. But thru it all he maintained his cheerful and friendly disposition, with a word of cheer and a kindly greeting for all.  Many people knew and loved Mr. Bullock and will sadly miss him in the years to come

Source: Ocala Evening Star

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