Dr. John W. Robie
Marion County Pioneer

We have just received notice of the death of Dr. John W. Robie, which occurred at his home in New York on the 15th inst. Dr. Robie will be remembered by many of our older settlers as one of the pioneer settlers of Spring Park, where he built a beautiful winter home and spent many pleasant winters enjoying the same. Dr. Robie was one of those genial whole-souled spirits whose principle object in life seemed to be in aiding everyone to the full enjoyment of the pleasures both intellectual and social that this world affords. It was to the efforts of Dr. and Mrs. Robie that the village improvement social of the Park, together with the library and cemetery associations, owe their foundation and success. To the bereaved widow and daughter we extend our heartfelt sympathy. 

Source: Ocala Banner: 4-22-1908

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