Lucinda Carter Dallas
Marion County Pioneer

Mrs Lucinda Dallas, one of the pioneer settlers of Marion, passed to her reward last Friday September 8, 1905 and was buried Saturday at the old McIntosh graveyard, six miles out from Ocala on the Blitchton hard road.  The deceased came here with her husband from South Carolina in 1848, settled on a track of land several miles to the southwest of the place of her burial. Her first neighbors were the parents of Mr. J. M. Barco whose land adjoined that of the Dallas’s. She died on the place on which she and her husband located. Her husband preceded her many years ago. Mrs. Dallas was the mother of Mrs. Sebe Weathers. She was a most estimable Christian woman and was noted the county over as one of the best nurses and knew more about medicine and surgery then most of the doctors who practiced in her day and so established became her reputation of skill in a line of setting broken limbs that her services were sought far and wide. Mrs. Dallas was a sister to Mrs. Mabe Carter of Carters Pond. The passing away of this really good woman marks an epoch in her section and although almost helpless from her infirmities of age, being over 80 years old, she is kindly remembered and her virtues which were many were not interred with her. The Star extends sympathy to those who mourn her noble character.

Lucinda Carter married James Alexander October 1, 1842. They had seven children; Blake, Sarah E., Sarah R., Jackson, Georgia, Andrew and George. Blake, Sarah R and Jackson all died in 1862. Lucinda's husband died in 1960 from Bilious Fever.

Source: Ocala Evening Star; Ancestry

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