James R. Josselyn
Marion County Pioneer

Our old pioneer and first settler at Eastlake, Mr. J. R. Josselyn, has sold his residence and grove to C. K. Sayers, of Brooklyn, and Jim by the way, came pretty near, during a recent thunderstorm, of not being here to prefect the deed to his property. He was near to his wagon gate, which the lightning struck and shivered, staggered him, giving him an electric shock not pleasant and he has been smelling sulphur and brimstone ever since. Although an old war-soldier, he says he would rather face a mounted battery, then have the same experience again. And he still lives.

Note Linda Flowers...J. R. Josselyn was issued 157.8 acres of land in Marion County on November 30, 1878

Source: Ocala Evening Star: 8-30- 1908; Ancestry

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