David D. Roach
Marion County Pioneer

Mr. Roach, who was a pioneer settler of Roach’s Pond, now Belleview, died in Jacksonville on October 30, 1903 at St Lukes Hospital. His wife and sons, James E and Fred Roach was at his bedside. The deceased was born in Macon Georgia in 1840. Three years later with his parents he came to the present site of Belleview in Marion County, then on the government military road between Ocala and Tampa. In 1867 he was married to Miss Indiana J Stivender of Leesburg where he resided until 1896 when he came to Ocala, remaining here a few years and then moved to Jacksonville. He was well known in Ocala and had many friends here. He was one of the pioneer orange growers of this county.

Source: Ocala Evening Star

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