Our ancestors hunted to put food on the table and just plain sport!  Let's look  at some of their success through the pages of local newspapers. We  might even uncover a mishap or two. Below
you will find the name of  the article followed by a surname, date and whether it is scanned or transcribed.

Fined For Killing Quails Out of Season Tison 1905 Tran
Celebration Follows Killing  Standley 1901 Tran
The Hunt Of The Season Smoak, Galloway, Mente, Livingston, Ball, Davis, Clark 1907 Tran
A Successful 'Possom Hunter Brown 1900 Tran
Proud of New Hounds After Tryout McIver 1900 Tran
Enjoyed A Fine Run McIver, Goin 1902 Tran
New Hunting Resort Hopkins 1900 Tran
Restricions On Hunting Deer 1908 Tran
A Great Deer Slayer Williams 1902 Tran
Doctor Shot By Own Gun Parramore 1900 Tran
Suggestion For Replenishing Quail Bond 1902 Tran
Accidentally Shot Brinson 1907 Tran
Killed A Big Gobbler Rouse, Condon 1909 Tran
A Successful Deer Hunt
Smoak, Foore, Flippen, Peyser 1908 Scan
Talk About Gobblers Close 1900 Tran
His Misfortune Redding 1908 Scan
Hog Killing Martin 1900 Tran
Missed Opportunity Bullock, McDonald 1905 Scan
Killing Wild Varmints Martin 1902 Tran
The Hunter And The Quail 1905 Scan
Closed His Trappings Brinson 1908 Tran
Almost Run Over By Deer Bell 1905 Scan
Rattlesnake Bite  While Hunting Brinson 1901 Tran
The Game Law Bullock, Anderson 1900 Scan
Numerous Game This Season 1901 Scan
Attacked By Wild Hog While Coon Hunting Marshall 1901 Scan
Got Ducks And Panther Too Martin 1902 Scan
Mighty Hunters Mente, Sistrunk, Smoak, Livingston, Carroll,
Davis, Galloway, Driggers
1907 Scan
Venison For Supper Shipman 1907 Scan
Successful Squirrel Hunt Mixson 1908 Tran
Killed Two Bruins Long, Marsh 1908 Tran
Ideal Weather For Bird Hunting Martin, Griffin, Miller, Lang, Burnside,
Lindsay, Terrell, Workman, Cantrell
1908 Tran
Rattlesnake Kills Dog While Possom Hunting Durisoe 1909 Tran
Returns Home loaded With Fish and Game Souter 1900 Tran
New Sheriff Means Business...No Sunday Hunting Galloway 1908 Tran
Takes Noon Train To Hunt Ducks Clark 1902 Tran
Tired of Small Game. Lands Large Buck McJamison 1902 Tran

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