Guardian Notices

Source: Ocala Banner: 7-27-1906

Source: Ocala Evening Star: 6-19-1911

Source: Ocala Evening Star: 2-9-1907

Source: Ocala Evening Star: 6-19-1911

Source:Ocala Evening Star: 5-3-1910

Source: Ocala Evening Star: 5-3-1910

Ocala Eveniing Star: 8-26-1911

Source: Ocala Banner: 7-22-1906

Source: Ocala Evening Star: 8-26-1911

Guardian’s Notice

On the 2d day of March, 1901, the undersigned will apply to the Honorable Robert Bullock, County Judge for Marion county, Florida, for authority to sell either at public or private sale the interest of William H. Roberts, a minor, in the north half of northwest quarter of southwest quarter of section twenty-two, and east half of northeast quarter of southeast quarter of section twenty-one, all in township seventeen south, range twenty-four east.

 Lucinda E. Roberts

Guardian of William H. Roberts

Dated February 1, 1901

 Source: Ocala Evening Star: 2-9-1901

Bob Blake had an experience Saturday he was not looking for. He was appointed guardian of the estate of Stephens, the unfortunate Syrian fruit dealer, who is now an inmate of the asylum at Chattahoochee. When he took possession the first thing that struck him was an invoice of goods written in Stephens’ native language. A translator had to be interviewed. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 5-15-1905

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