Marion County FL., Guardian Notices

Name of Deceased/Other Guardian Name of Child/Children/Other

Peter Black Mrs. Susan Black Minor Heir (Fredie) View
? Chambers
M. G. Chambers
William R. Chambers
Bessie L. Cromer
W. P. Cromer
Minor Heir
? Denny Annie E. Hill George, Benjamin, William  View
Henrietta Duebel P. H. Gillen Henrietta Duebel View
Marion Grantham B. A. Grantham Minor Heirs View
Pauline V. Lloyd George Giles Pauline V. Lloyd View
Peter McIntyre A. McIntyre Katie, Helen View
George R. McClendon Edwin Spencer, Jr. Mrs. Maggie, Ruby, Jesse, Eva, Bryan, Mittle,  View
? Lucinda E. Roberts William H. Roberts View
Stephens Bob Blake View

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