I will be bringing you humorous news in this segment. Some will be funny mishaps in the life of your ancestor as well as humorous sayings and viewpoints of the day. If you have something to add of a humorous nature...I will be happy to include it here. Maybe a recollection passed down through your family. Please consider sharing by sending me an email...Thanks! 

Sparks Fly (1921) (Hamon, Smith)
A Story With A Moral (1901)
Tried Complementing Mother-In-Law (1897)
Too Much Booze (1900)  (Brown)
In A Jury Room (1908)
A Partridge Stops By (1912)  (Anthony)
Rumors Abound (1914)  (Haskell)
The Cat Escaped!  (1921)
Some Temptation's...A Marshall Understands (2922)  (Carter, McLaughlin, Tolar)
A Chicken Hobo (1900) (Williamson)
Mail Delivery Just Out Of Reach (1902) (Raysor)
"More Coming Tomorrow" (1903)
"Run Away" Epidemic (1900) (Carmichael, Masters, Liddon. Bemjamin)
Crazy Greek (1900)
Catches A 'Possum By Fire (1909) (Wormsley)
Judge Had Quite The Experience (1904)
Making A Shooting Gallery Of His Mouth (1901)
A Girls Thoughts On Boys (1912)
A Southerner's Take On Politics (1876)
Four Decades Of Human Life (1876)
A Western Obituary (1897)
White Minister At Colored Wedding (1876)
Rooster Causes Explosion (1928)
He didn't Die (1909)  (Smith)
If Wooing Doesn't Work...Make Her Mad (1864)
A Word To The Wise (1909)  (Smith, Galloway)
Brought His Coffin Home...Wife Leaves (1906)
A Motherly Rooster (1904)
A Bird By Any Other Name...Still A Bird (1904)
A Humorous Look At History
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