To the news and views from "Hot Off The Press." You will find many stories pertaining to the citizens from Marion County through the years. Some might even be your ancestors. I have also included views and opinions as well. Come with me and let's explore the past from between the pages of local newspapers.

An Exciting Shooting Scrape Priest, James 1905
Midnight Visitor Returns Dozier, Mayo 1900
Police Killer Back for Trial Jenkins,McGrath 1896
Some Snakes Avriet 1909
The Alligator Sinks Rogers, Miller, Tiller, Dozier, Gibson 1906
Ocala's New Postmaster Crom, Hall, Hampton, Blount 1905
Boy Stabbed to Death Shingles, Young 1915
The City of Ocala Will Be Enlarged Mathews 1913
In Search of Oil Pearson 1904
Intent To Murder Wife McAllister, Nelly, Bell, Altman, Early, Ford, Sherouse, Collins 1912
Enterprising Colored Woman Johnes 1914
Family Horse Falls Into Cess Pool Davis 1911
This Was Some Bear Meeker, Head 1898
Drowned In River 1898
Accused of Shooting Sweetheart Burdorf, Myers, Crawford 1900
Physician's Medical Bag Stolen Newsome 1911
Fire At Hospital Pope 1907
Gives Himself Up Jacobs, McCracklin, Nugent 1900
Report of Reverend's Death False Blitch 1900
Lumber Co. Secures Valuable Property McGehee 1906
Only One Showed Up Halsell 1902
Colored Woman is a Success Johnes, Alexander 1914
Former Resident Pays A Visit Reddick 1902
Editor Goes Blind Gore, Agnew 1900
Home Made Wine From Vinyard Nindberger 1901
High Honor Bestowed Bowey 1910
Improvement of St. John's Cemetery Barco, Moorehead 1905
Hospital Board Says "No Credit" 1900
Dr.'s Home-Built Auto A Success Hood, Walter 1909
Child Stolen Hocker 1900
Mistreatment of Wife, Man Now Missing Milton 1902
Pioneer Settler Dies Brinson 1909
Telephone Needed For School 1900
Memorial Erected For Colored Mason Coleman, Dickinson 1900
Physician's Custom Auto Hood 1909
Mystery Of Missing Merchant  Stalbey 1900
Post Office Discontinued 1905
Ocala Hit By A Falling Star 1908
A Youthful Murderer? Apply A Belt Hubbard, Hood 1901
Admitted To The Bar Martin 1908
Ocala"s Sad Fate...
Five Blocks Laid In Ashes
 Whitefield, Maxwell, Robinson, Miller, Harris, Schlossor, Snowden, Benjamin,
Agnew, Orr, Condon,Valk, Sharrard, Thayer, Brady, Shafer, Divine, Lang, Barco,
Richardson, Webb, Boynton, Wilson, Brown,
Fire Chief Wants An Engine Chambers 1908
Sanitation Of City Scott, Duffy 1900
Manatee Exhibition
Why Women Tire Of Home

Creation Of Ocala's National Forest
Unspoken Word
Paupers Home McKay, McLeod 1900
Arrival Delayed Henry, Driggers 1906
Lost $500 Melton, Dozier, Wright 1903
A Sad Day Grumbles, McCarren, Pearson 1909
Who Is To Blame Heineman, Mellvine, Moorman 1908
She Has Issues Hains 1909
Opportunity For Colored People
Important Invention Thomas 1900
Killed Over Dispute of Five Cents Nelson, Graham, McLeod, Hutson 1908
Govoner Wants General Lee's Birthday Observed Broward 1907
County Convicts Are Leased Edwards, Massey, Roberts, Rawls 1907
Masonic Temple & Oprah House
Attempts To Kill Himself While In Jail With Nail Robinson, Blitch, Walis, Lee, Smith, Hodge, Newsome, Lucius 1900
Big Excitement In Belleview Pelot, Abshier 1903
Couple Runs Away...Is Rounded Up Tompkins, Osteen, Gordon, Bull, Henry, Hooks, Lyons, Vinzant 1908
Woman Shoots Burgler McDavid 1903
Was Left A Fortune Lincoln, Childress 1900
Oldest Cofederate Soldiers Miss Out Finley, Miller 1903
Twenty-Five Years As Postmaster Ricker 1908
Florida Recovering From Epidemic 1889
Big Fire At Holder Long, McBride, McCullough, Ray, Cobb, Boynton, Robertson
Lietner, Turner
Nominee For Superintendant of Schools Brinson 1908
Belleview Has 1st New Year Baby 1901
National Reserve For Ocala Roosevelt 1908
Pet Dog Goes Mad Bray, Nash 1908

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