City and County Directory-1889
Marion County

City Officers


Mayor – Dr. Thos. P. Gary

Clerk – S. A. Bullock

Marshal – C. R. Ball

Collector – F. P. Gadsop

Assessor – D. E. McIver

Treasurer – R. R. Snowden

President of Council – Jno. F. Dunn

Board of Aldermen – J. F. Dunn, E. W. Agnew, J. T. Lancaster, John A. Rowell, E. L. Root,

E. G. Smith, H. W. Chandler, I. Brown and W. G. Marshall

Sanitary Inspector – W. T. King


County Officers


County Judge – Richard McConathy

County Clerk – D. A. Miller

Sheriff – E. T. Williams

Assessor – J. C. Mathews

Collector – H.T. Wartman-Citra

Treasurer – S. R. Pyles

Superintendent of Public Instruction – M. L. Payne-Flemington

County Commissioners – R. W. Long, W. P. Trantham, M. H. Ron, F. S. Perrin, W. P. Williamson

School Board – F. E. Harris, H. T. Wartman, M. S. Moser, A. R. Griffin, P. L. Durisoe


County Board of Health


President – Dr. T. P. Gary

Secretary – Capt. E. R. Richardson

Members – Dr. D. A. Smith-Anthony, Messrs. M. S. Moser and D. H. Irvin


Board of Trade


President – J. F. Dunn

Vice President – R. A. Weathers

Secretary – Wm. Fox

Board of Governors – A. P. Man, Jr., C. Rheinauer, Jno. F. Dunn, J. H. Livingston, 

H. A. Weathers, Wm. Fox and S. W. Moody


Building and Loan Association


President – C. B. Wilmer

Vice President – Ed Delouest

Secretary and Treasurer – Louis Fox

Board of Directors – J. T. Lancaster, Isaac Stephens, I. Brown, M. Fishel, 

A. E. Delouest, H. D. Zacharian and W. T. King

Ocala Rifles


Captain – Geo. A. Nash

First Lieutenant – R. B. McConnell

Second Lieutenant – P. E. Williams

Forty Members


Fire Company


Chief – T. D. Lancaster

Foreman – Maurice Rheinauer

First Assistant – Volk

Second Assistant – W. G. Marshall

Secretary – J. H. Mallett

Twenty-Five Members


Hook and Ladder Company


President – Abram Palmer

Foreman – Wilks Hentz

Assistant – Wells Richardson

Twenty Members


Source: Ocala Banner: 1-15-1889

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