Ocala Retailers - 1913

The undersigned agreed to close their businesses early during the summer months.

Knight & Lang

McLaughlin & Tolar

McIver & MacKay

The Ocala Banner

Marion Hardware Co.

J. G. McCrory & Co.

A. E. Burnett

W. H. Marsh

R. M. Giles

Ocala Bottling Works

V. C. Detterich

W. F. Blesch

A. M. Bobbitt

J. A. Chandler

Smith & Sandifer

P. H. Perkins

Todd & Co.

A. C. Leggett

H. S. Chambers

Marion Furniture Co.

Theus & Zachary ?

S. A. Moses ?

M. V. Samson

Edward P. Martin

Hayes & Guynn

M. N. Little

Haycraft & DeCamp

Geo. A. Nash

John Samola ?

F. K. Powers

Ocala Seed Store?

L. J. Blalock & Bro.

F. E. Bradley

A. M. Lansford?

Chas. McLucus ?

Mrs. Minnie Bostick

Ocala Gas Co.

B. F. Condon ?

J. O. Deckle

Ollie Mordis ?

B. Goldman ?

Marcus Frank

Ehcinauer & Co. ?

Helvensteen & Pasteur ?

H. A. Waterman

O. K. Teapot Grocery

Counts Grocery Co.

J. K. White

E. G. Rivers

J. L. Smith Grocery Co.

Miss Mary Affleck

L. W. Harley & Bro.

J. Malever (Globe)?

M. Fishel & Son, 3 o’clock


Source: Ocala Evening Star: 5-29-1913

Transcribed, Formatted and Submitted by Linda Flowers


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