1908 General Directory


Mayor…George A. Nash

Clerk…Henry Sistrunk

Tax Collector…W. W. Clyatt

Treasurer…William T. Gary

Marshall…W. C. Bull

Council-At Large, L. W. Duval, First Ward, A. G. Gates and J. D. Robertson; Second Ward, Charles Rheinaner and J. M. Meffert; Third Ward, D. E. Mciver and E. T. Heivanston; Fourth Ward, G. A. Carmichael and Herbert C. Jones.

Council meets on the first and third Tuesday evenings of each month.

Trustees, Ocala Sub-School District…J. E. Chase, W. T. Gary and G. W. Martin.

Chief of Fire Department…H. S. Chambers

Superintendent of Streets…E. G. Jones

Superintendent of Electric Lights Plant…Ed C. Bennett

Ocala Board of Trade…T. T. Munroe, President; C. L. Bittinger, President

Ocala Rifles…George A. Nash, Captain; John M. Graham, first lieutenant; Will C. Dunn, second lieutenant.

Weekly drills every Tuesday night. Business meeting first Tuesday night of each month.

County Officers

Clerk Circuit Court…Simeon T. Sistrunk, Ocala

Sheriff…J. P. Galloway, Ocala 

Tax Collector…E. L. Carney, Ocala

Tax Assessor…Alfred Ayer…McIntosh and Ocala

Treasurer…T. E. Pasteur, Ocala

Judge of Probate…Joseph H. Bell, Ocala

Surveyor...Alexander Moorhead, Ocala

Supervisor of Registration...E. T. Williams, Ocala

M. Turner, Anthony; James M. Mathews, Flemington

Board meets each Tuesday in every month.

Commissioners…John L. Edwards, Chairman, Ocala; Samuel R. Pyles, Ocala; Nathanial A. Fort, Lynne; Charles School Board…Superintendent and Secretary, W. D. Carns; Members: Isaac Stevens, Ocala; B. R. Blitch, Blitchton; J. S. Grantham, Fort McCoy;

Senator (word is hard to read)...D. H. Baker…Orange Home

Representatives…Ed L. Wartmann, Citra; George G. Mathews, Ocala

Justice of the Peace, Ocala District…John W. Lyie



Governor…Napoleon B. Broward, Tallahassee

Secretary of State…H. Clay Crawford, Tallahassee

Treasurer…C. V. Knott, Tallahassee

Attorney General…William H. Ellis, Tallahassee

Superintendent of Public Instruction…W. M. Holloway, Tallahassee

Commissioner of Agriculture…B. E. McLin, Tallahassee

Adjutant General…J. Clifford R. Foster, Tallahassee

Railroad Commissioner…Newton A. Blitch, D. L. Morgan, R. Hudson Burr, all Tallahassee.

Members of the Supreme Court…Thomas M. Shackleford, Chief Justice; R. Fenwick Taylor, W. A. Hocker, J. B. Whitfield, Charles B. Parkhill, Robert S. Cockrell, all of Tallahassee.


Senators…W. H. Milton, Marianna; James P. Taliaferro, Jacksonville

Congressmen…Stephen M. Sparkman, Tampa; Frank Clark, Gainesville; William B. Lamar, Monticello

District Court…James W. Locke, Judge, Jacksonville; E. O. Locke, Jacksonville, Clerk; John F. Horr, Marshall, Jacksonville; J. M. Cheney, District Attorney, Orlando; David S. Williams, Commissioner, Ocala; George C. Crom, Postmaster, Ocala  

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