Marion County, FL Pension and Soldiers Claims Approved for 1907

Mrs. E. R. Brumby

Mrs. W. J. Christie

Mrs. Frances E. Edwards

Mrs. Nancey B. Ferguson

Mrs. George T. Flewellen

Mrs. Nancy E. Ford

Mrs. E. J. Foy

Mrs. Fannie E. Gary

Mrs. Mattie Harvey

Mrs. Martha A. Hickson

Mrs. Mary C. Lewis

Mrs. Me. E. Marsh

Mrs. Mary J. Pelot

Mrs. Julia E. Thomas

Mrs. S. E. Waterman


John H. Brooks

F. E. Caldwell

W. R. Caldwell

R. A. Carlton

Benjamin L. Carroll

M. J. Chitty

L. Dozier

William D. Eminisor

L. M. Graham

F. E. Harris

Basil S. Harrison

B. L. Hull

W. C. Jeffords

W. Kilpatrick

William Knowblock

Frank H. Lyttle

H. W. Long

John M. Martin

William E. Martin

Herman C. Martin
W. O. Massey

Columbus Milligan

James A. Ptitman

John H. Roller

A. B. Rou

Joseph Shuford

Daniel C. Smith

J. O. Turnipseed

William Tucker

H. C. Walker

Source:  Ocala Evening Star

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