A look at the growth of towns throughout Marion County.

Below are articles about Marion County and its growth through the years. An  article is followed by surnames, where applicable and date. 

Zuber Sawmill Payroll is Immense 1908 View
Another Mine Opens 1895 View
Local Institution Good For The City
1895 View
26,000 Acres Sold For Manufacturing of Pine Products Barrett, Leavitt, Marthland 1921 View
Phone Line to Ocala Completed Voyle 1906 View
Topography of Masrion County Varies...Has Many Hills 1921 View
History of Belleview 1889 View
Lake Weir
1876 View
Inglis...New Town Coulter, Wallace, Peacock, Staten 1905 View
Fountains...Ocala Court House Square
1908 View
Phone Line Between Ocala and Rockwell Ellison 1904 View
Silver Springs and Western Road...Well Traveled
1903 Scan
New Phone Line For Area Towns Howell 1908 View
Improvements to Ocala Goss, Mitchell, Holsendorf, Jeffords,
Dawkins, Pooser, Hillyer, McGrath
1901 View
Port Inglis Growth Benefits Dunnellon  Cubberly 1904 View
Road of Pinestraw Hinton, Tucker 1902 View
A Guide For New Arrivals 1901 View

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