Chitlins, Collards and Chiggers

I will be adding news on the agriculture and farming interest of Marion County here. You may happen on a surname of interest as well, so come back often. Below you will find the article followed by surnames where applicable and date.

Fat Razor Backs Brooks 1898 View
That's One Large Corn Crop Thomas 1896 View
Citrus More Valuable Than Ever Norsworthy 1901 View
Six Sweet Potatoes Weigh Eighteen Pounds Barnes 1896 View
Profitablle Hens Barrett 1898 View
Crops Aren't So Good This Year 1900 View
Fine Crop of Sugar Cane Bennett 1908 View
4000 Barrells of Potatoes Close 1900 View
The Finest Field of Corn Around Payne 1898 View
Ocala's Vegetable King Close 1900 View
Prefers  Three-Strand Wire Fence Smith, Leitner 1900 View
His Efforts Paid Off Martin 1906 View
Freight Rates Are Prohibitive Close 1906 View
Exceedingly Fine Honey For Sale Abshire, Black 1897 View
A Valuable Tip For Fruit Trees
1876 View
Marion County Wheat Leitner 1900 View
Has Plantation In This Co. / Involved In Orange Culture In Largo Cribbitt 1900 View
Drought Severely Limits Orange Crops This Season Sampson, Reed, Keep 1909 View
Farm Doing Well Ahead of Last Season Easterling 1912 View
Three Acres Of Rice Being Grown Kuhne 1911 View
Has Returned And Looking For Field To Plant Melons Pelot 1902 View
Peach Orchid Escapes Freeze, but Melons Do Not Blesch 1907 View
First Year Planting Produces Extremley High Yield Whitworth 1914 View
Upset By Foraging Cattle Andrews 1912 View
Hogs Sent To Market Howell 1914 View
Plans To Grow Melons Pelot 1902 View
Dry Conditions Threaten Crops Griggs 1908 View
Abundance Of Crops Mitchell, Davis 1904 View
Land Trade To Be Used For Farming Priest, Albritton, Gordon 1902 View
Lady Of The House Has Fine Garden Williamson 1900 View
Orange Grove Spared From Cold Snap DeLong 1900 View
Will Take Break From Farm To Visit Friends Freyermouth 1908 View
Pine Farm Safe From Freeze Barnett 1902 View
Wet Weather Hinders Melon Crop McDuffy 1900 View
Potato Weighs  Twenty-Two Pounds Wilson, Johnson 1908 View
A Successful Season All Around Miller 1902 View
Cane Grinding Underway Martin 1909 View
A Ten Pound Rutabaga Izlar 1906 View
Marion County Crops Are Flourishing
1872 View
McIntosh is Jubliant Hickson 1906 View
Cane Growing Organizantion Begun Campbell 1901 View
Will Plant Fifty Acres In Cotton Henning 1901 View
First Strawberries of Season Dame 1900 View
Saw Palmetto Leaves Wanted Parker 1900 View
Not A Good Year For Cane Grinding 1900 View
Farmers Are Prospering 1906 View
Cane Grinding and Syrup Making Lewis 1907 View
700 Acres of Watermelons Easterling, Knoblick, Martin 1902 View
Successful Season Chambliss 1908 View
Barrels Of Syrup Martin 1908 View
Influence of The Moon 
1876 View
300 Beehives Brinson 1909 View
$10,000 Aid To Farmers
1876 View
Honey Flows Like Water Brinson 1905 View
Successful Hog Farmer Tillis, Miller, Brown 1876 View
Marion County Before Freeze Brinson 1900 View
The Biggest Melons Robertson, Close 1905 View
Florida's Cattle Business
1876 View
Veteran Farmer And His Alligator Martin 1908 View
40 Acres Of Cotton Martin 1903 View
Sold Orange Grove Knoblick 1905 View
Disease Among Hogs Martin 1909 View
Fruit Packing House Being Erected
Bees Are Dying Brinson 1909 View
Doctor Plants Cotton
Wilson, Barrett
10,000 lbs. of Cotton Martin 1907 View
Grape Grower and Wine Maker Kelsey 1904 View
Successful Year French, Leitner 1900 View
Need Rain Howell 1907 View
Experimented Growing Tobacco Hewett 1909 View
Peach Growers Have Successful Season Pritchett 1905 View
Velvet Beans By The Bushel
Dickson, Ives
Pineapple Trade In Anthony

A Wagon Load of Hogs
McCraney, Hogan
Bigest Crop of Oranges Since "Big Freeze"
Dr. Allen's Succesful Orange Grove
Raises A Peck Size Sweet Potato Black, Pyles 1902 View
Makes The Best Flavored Syrup In Florida Hall 1906 View
Great Cotton Crop This Season Martin 1908 View
Large Shipment of Hogs Brinson 1908 View
200 Gallons of Syrup Brinson 1902 View
Killed Over 100 Hogs Martin 1909 View
Fertile Soil Produces Fine Cane Willis 1871 View
Huge Bank Accounts For Vegetable Growers Hickson 1906 View
Busy Season For Cane Grinding Taylor 1906 View
Outpouring of  Edible Gifts...Thanks To Friends Edwards 1908 View
Progressive Farmers are The Exceptions Among Razor-Backs

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