Business Adventures

What kind of businesses were prospering in Marion County? How many failed or met with some disasterous fire? Let's  take a look "Between The Pages." Below is the name of the article, surname where applicable and date.

Will Engage in Business at Ocala Leitner 1900 View
Industrious Shoe Maker Goodwin 1901 View
Has Leased Hotel for Three Years Shipman, Hendry, Knight 1899 View
Erected Large Gin House Brown, Baskin 1897 View
A New Tailoring Store Coylrt 1901 View
New Picture Show Robinson, Hall 1912 View
Opens Wood Yard Jewell, Haygood 1900 View
Photographer Rebounds From Loss Gottlieb 1900 View
A New Firm Sternberger, Miller 1902 View
Cafe Moves To Better Location Bogie, Weihe, Vatoldi 1885 View
Out of Market Business Edwards 1905 View
A Sanitarium For Marion County Wells 1900 View
Business Block Sold Rawls, Nugent, Nash, Hood 1902 View
Off To Market For Horses And Mules Thompkins, Cobb 1912 View
Another Dentist For Ocala Wilcox, Lindner 1911 View
Magnetic Healer Having Success Hart 1900 View
Big Land Deal Todd, Camp 1900 View
Going Into Sawmill Business Bell, Ford, Hiller, Howell 1903 View
A New Business For Ocala Frost, Hicks 1901 View
Business Has New Owner Leitner, Mordis 1911 View
Finally Takes A Vacation Lewis 1913 View
Brother Joins Practice Blalock 1912 View
Purchases Store At Stanton Swartz 1901 View
Teacher Opens Grocery Sutton 1901 View
With Ocala Ice & Packing Co. Keiser, Merfert, Taylor 1904 View
Sawmil Now In Place Steele, Jones, Alford 1903 View
Lots of Cold Storage Space Pyles, Cohen 1902 View
Bath House For Emplyees Reagan 1900 View
Successful Lumber Yard Ellis 1902 View
Refreshment Stand Opens Pelote 1900 View
Eye Doctor Welcomed Goldstein 1902 View
A Well Equipped Bakery Benus 1900 View
New Barbershop Maloney 1908 View
Another Real Estae Deal Tompkins, Cobb 1908 View
Mill  - Quite Busy Davis 1908 View
New Fountain Whaley 1901 View
Will Engage At Mercantile Bus. Snyder, Morris 1906 View
New Industries Ball 1904 View
Turpentine Barons Barnes, Crosby, Pettiway, Knight
Lang, McIntosh, Hyman, Clark, Ray
1903 View
Successful Millinery Business Brown, Liddon 1896 View
Woodmill Purchased Seymour, McKean 1906 View
Another Big Enterprise 1906 View
Silver Springs Hotel/Sale Brown 1908 View
 Foundry & Machine Shop Cline, Wilson, Ford, Hiller 1901 View
A Valuable Phosphate Lease Vogt, Holder 1900 View
Stove Wood Reagan 1902 View
Bicycle Yonge Jr., Peyser 1900 View
Marble Leavengood, McMullen 1900 View
Saw Mill Howell 1900 View
Dry Goods Klein, Campbell 1900 View
New Business Buildings 1900 View
Moss Factory Musselwhite, Nelson, McCarthy 1900 View
Hotel Opens Clawson 1908 View
Engaged In The Fish Business Miller 1904 View
New Restaurant Hannah 1903 View
Palmetto As Decor Berlack, Crooms 1904 View
Plumbing Full Time Yonge 1908 View
New Additions Edwards, MacKay 1904 View
Doctors Office Opens McClaine 1909 View
Inn Is Big Success Hatchell 1904 View
Big Turpentine Purchase Lester, Nugent, Blount 1905 View
Ocala House Barber Shop Williams 1902 View
East Lake Hotel Swarts 1903 View
First Class Hotel Booe 1903 View
New Mail Route Martin 1904 View
New Inventory From NY  Masters, Helvenston 1903 View
Will Open Hotel Clawson 1908 View
Post Office Improvements Crom 1905 View
A New Grocery Rice, Moore 1900 View
Dental Practice Adds Partner Fuller, Ayer 1909 View
Purchases Undertaking Business Smith, Pittman 1901 View
Successful Builder Denman, Shockley 1908 View
Ocala...Automobile Town Gates, Tompkins, Cobb, Scott, Taylor 1909 View

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