John Ulrich Martin

John U. Martin was born November 8, 1844 along with his twin, William Eli, at Moss Bluff, Marion Co., FL to parents Emanuel H. and Mary (Geiger) Martin. 

John’s parents came to Florida originally from Georgia around 1820, but after a tragic turn of events in that their first child was killed by Indians as an infant, they returned to Georgia. A few years passed and owing to the Armed Occupation Act, the family returned to Florida settling in Pine, between Citra and Ft. McCoy. 

John was just a lad when his father died and in his father’s will dated July 28, 1856, John received a substantial inheritance as well as the other children. He and William along with their younger sister were entrusted to an older brother, Henry E. Martin, although they remained in the care of their mother. The guardianship was presumably made to protect their inheritance. 

The civil war came and John enlisted at Ocala, FL in Co G; 9th FL REG under Major Byrd.

John returned to Florida after his service and on January 10, 1867 in Marion County, FL, he married Elizabeth Brinson, daughter of James S. and Anne (Redding) Brinson. The family moved to Sumter Co., where they raised their children and remained until 1899. They next moved to Citronelle, Citrus Co., FL., where John acquired land and as his daughters married, each were given acreage. John and Elizabeth lost their three boys in infancy.
John and Elizabeth’s children are:

1.   Alan Wade Martin, b. 9-5-1867; d. 9-18-1867.

2.   Lewella Ellen Martin, b. 6-7-1870; d. 10-28-1914; md. Charles R. Tyner.

3.   Oliver Harris Martin, b. 12-27-1872; d. 2-5-1873.

4.   Melissa Ann Martin, b. 3-7-1874; md. 1st. G. P. Howard, 2nd Simon J. Howard, 3rd Charles Tyner.

5.   Doolie Caroline Martin, b. 1-13-1876; d. 3-1962; md. Walter Howard.

6.   Mary Ann Martin, b. 3-18-1878; d. 10-10-1955; md. George W. Lewis.

7.   Alice Josephine Martin, b. 8-12-1880; d. 4-10-1962; md. Jacob F. Black.

8.   James Martin, b. 1-6-1882; d. 2-18-1883.

9.   Agnes Estelle Martin, b. 4-6-1884; d. 11-6-1905; md. Edward Fackler.


In his original application for a pension John was living in Sumter Co. It was dated April 29, 1899. One of the coldest winters Florida had experienced was wrecking havoc on John’s health, exasperating his rheumatism; a condition from the days he spent as a POW in the service. By May he had moved to Citrus Co. John’s claim included a broken leg caused by a falling tree and crippled arm caused by an accidental gun shot, which made it impossible to earn a living from manual labor. In his application for a pension on February 3, 1902, John states he “contracted chronic rheumatism from exposure in camp in the service, being short of bedding…and being compelled to sleep on the frozen ground.” His application for pension dated June 19, 1907…he is quoted as saying,” “At end of war I was at home on parole having just been released from prison at Pt. Lookout, MD.” Again, John says that he “was furloughed from hospital in Virginia for sickness…came home returning from hospital by Savannah…was pressed into service and was captured at the “fall of Savannah…carried to Prison at Pt. Lookout, MD where I was paroled.” This application also states “Was at home near Ocala on parole from imprisonment…one arm being broken by being shot, one leg broken by falling tree, one eye being put totally out by flying knife.” A letter attached to his file from his neighbor and good friend E. S. Grace owner of a general store in Citronelle, states the following-“See him frequently...certain he is blind…will never see again…he had but one eye for several years…Though old and infirm he was game to the last; made a very good little crop this year and save his fodder when his eye went out. He is an industrious old man and has a very energetic wife.” This was in 1912 when John was asking for an increase in his pension. He passed away January 18, 1915. His wife immediately applied for a widow’s pension.

 John Ulric Martin is buried at Red Level Cemetery in Citrus County.

On A Personal Note:

I am the g g granddaughter of John Ulric Martin.

Author:  Linda Flowers

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