Tulius E. Biggs

City Attorney of Ocala

Tullius E. Biggs, the attorney for the city of Ocala and subject of this sketch, was born at Trenton, Tenn., Sept. 24, 1864, and came to Florida with his father, J. R. Biggs, in 1881. He is a grandson of Luke Biggs, in whose cabin the first court was first organized in West Tennessee.

Mrs. Biggs was educated it the Peabody High school of Trenton, Tenn., and shortly after his arrival in Florida in 1881, he and his father located the homestead in what was then Hernando, now Citrus county, and commenced to clear land for oranges. In 1886 he went back to Tennessee and was engaged to go to Texas and conduct a wagon train from Ft. Worth, Texas to West, Tennessee, over the route through the Indian Territory and Arkansas, which trip took 90 days to accomplish. His former experience in hauling freight over the sandy roads of Florida, from Ocala to the stores in Hernando county, stood him on good stead on this trip.

Afterwards he represented an art company and traveled over Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee for several years, returning to Florida in 1890, at the time of the phosphate excitement.

In 1892 he began the study of law, and at the same time learned Phonography, and completed his law education in the offices of Messrs. Anderson & Hocker. In 1897 he was admitted to practice in the state court and afterwards admitted to the United States courts.

In 1901 he was elected city attorney for Ocala and has held the position to the present time with credit to himself and benefit to the city, and has been the means of getting the charters so amended as to save the city many dollars and increase its revenues from occupational taxes, and only recently had the law passed that enables the city its advalorem tax on real estate by due process of law and eliminates the old method of tax sales. The new law is proving very beneficial to the city.

He was united in marriage April 5, 1893, to Louise E. Blakslee, of St. Johns New Brunswick, Dominion of Canada, and they have three children, Loyal F., Merise E., and Hellice M. 

Source: Ocala Evening Star: 10-17-1906

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