The subject of this sketch was born in Bibb county , Ga., May 14, 1872. His parents, Hon. and Mrs. A. P. Baskin, moved to Anthony, Marion county, Fla., in 1876, and he grew up on the farm. He attended the public school, which he supplemented by several terms at the State Agricultural College, then located at Lake City. In considering preparations, for a profession, he chose medicine,  and with that object in view, he entered the University of Nashville, Tenn., and later the medical department of Vanderbilt University, where in 1892, he graduated with distinction. He chose Miami on the East Coast, as his professional field, and was very successful. Later he had the misfortune to lose his lovely wife, and then concluded to remove to  the Phosphate City of Dunnellon, where he has spent the last decade of his life, and by his strict attention to his professional labors and the skill he has shown in the science and medicine and surgery, and with his manly conduct, he has won an enviable record as a citizen and physician, and now he can count everyone his friend in a radius of twenty miles around his home.

Dr. Baskin is a man of few words, but has an observing eye, and possesses good judgement, and the people of his section, noting these excellent qualifications, honored him by making him a member of the town council, where he did such excellent service, he was promoted to mayor, which office he filled with honor to himself, and profit to the city. He has always been a consistent democrat, and the party, recognizing his ability and service, elected him chairman of the democratic executive committee of Marion county, which position he held most acceptably until nominated and elected state senator in 1905 from the twentieth district, composed of the counties of Marion and Sumter, to fill the unexpired term of Hon. C. M. Brown, who had changed his residence to Miami. Mr. Brown declined to admit that he had removed from this county, and when Dr. Baskin was elected and went to Tallahassee in April 1905, he found Mr. Brown occupying the seat, which he contended for, and after a month’s strenuous effort, succeeded in getting, and made a record as a faithful and conscientious legislator that is to his credit. Legislative work ended, he returned home and took up his profession, and by his unassuming manners, but fidelity to duty, he is winning new friends and fresh laurels as a skilled and honorable practitioner.

The growth of Dunnellon and her commercial importance demanded a banking institution, and in looking around for a head, the honor and trust fell on Dr. Baskin, a trust worthily bestowed, and under his clear and strong administration is proving a great, financial success.

Dr. Baskin is again happily married and children bless the union. 

Notes: Dr. Baskin's mother was Julia Gates. He died July 12, 1938 at Anthony, Marion Co., FL and is buried at the Anthony Cemetery. Appointed Postmaster for Dunnellon, FL 4-281904.

Source: Ocala Evening Star: 10-10-1906, Ancestry

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