Barnyard Banter

Let's take a look at the news from within as well as other areas of our nation that our ancestors would have been reading about and perhaps influenced by. Below is the name of the article followed by a surname if applicable and the date. 

Must Follow Wife To Grave McCarty 1905 View
Odd Behavior leads To Arrest Koonce, Sutton 1913 View
Triplets Born To Destiture Family-Father 82 Calhoun 1906 View
Suwannee Co.Sheriff Fatally Wounded Pratt, Mathis 1901 View
A Lucky Escape Schyster 1889 View
An Amusing Day In Court 1900 View
Florida's Indian War 1906 View
Six Hundred Skulls Found 1915 View
Florida's First Made At Home Tags 1926 View
Consequences of Marrying A Bookworm Thomas 1901 View
San Francisco Earthquake...Aftermath
1906 View
Oil In Florida
1901 View
Invention Of Diving Helmet Dunn 1914 View
The First State Fair In Florida Oliver 1876 View
Bounty To Volunteers Who Fought Indians
1848 View
Buffalo Bill Cody Seriously Ill Miller, Cody 1905 View
Dog Gets Fitted With Gold Teeth
1911 View
Jews As Senators...First One From Florida
1907 View
People See Strange Vision In The Heavens
1907 View
New Laws Take Effect
1907 View
Hot Water From Heaven
1908 View
Crow Retaliates
1907 View
Chief Lone Dog Dead...Buried In American Flag
1904 View
Buffalo Bill and President Goes Hunting
1907 View
Tornado Wrecks Train
1904 View
First Heart Surgery ?
1908 View
Fifty Friends Of Accused Killers To Stop Arrests Alaman, Altman, Duncan, Riley 1904 View
David And Goliath
1906 View

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