Levy County, FL Tragedies

Tragedies sometimes come our way and we have to pick up the pieces and get on with life the best we can. How  did our ancestors handle the blows? Let's look..."Between The Pages."

Scalded To Death in Railroad Mishap Dupree, Sawls 1907 View
Horrible Death of Small Child Moore, Clyatt 1902 View
Tragedy at Montbrook Wise, Stanly, Blitch 1917 View
Fire At Montbrook 1901 View
Killed by Falling Scaffold Scott 1905 View
Lost Barn and Contents in Fire Fugate 1912 View
Old Court House Burned Lindsey 1912 View
A Frightfull Death Horne, Prevatt 1891 View
Several Businesses Reduced to Ashes Blitch, Peacock, Holscloth 1911 View
Destructive Fire at Williston Willis, Lewis 1918 View
Derailing of Locomotive has Tragic Result West 1911 View
Suicide at Cedar Keyes Hines. Hodge 1904 View
Explosion Aftermath/ A Town Wrecked and A Terrible Injury Smith 1926 View
An Awful Suicide Parrish 1906 View
Mother Dies After Being Poisoned by Daughter Adams 1891 View
Mule and Belongings Destroyed by Fire Turner 1891 View
Cut in Two at Sawmill Bass 1885 View
Murder-Suicide at Cedar Key
Webster, Porter

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