Levy County, FL Marriages

There were  numerous  marriages listed in the newspapers through the years. I will  be listing some here for your researching pleasure. If you have any articles that you could scan or transcribe for this site, it will be greatly appreciated. You will of course be given full credit. Thanks!

Mr. T. N. Limbaugh & Miss Lillian Blitch...1896

Mr. Rupert L. Ellison & Miss Minnie Wilson...1908

Hon. Fred Cubberly & Miss Etta Hancock...1903

Mr. I. N. Chance & Miss Minnie Wilson...1891

Mr. E. A. McColesky & Miss Nora Williams...1905

Mr. Miles Dixon & Miss Cook...1891

Mr. H. R. Whipp & Miss Eullie Smith...1900

Mr. J. W. White & Miss Glenna Smith...1900

Mr. George Cox & Miss Lillie Hughey...1901

Mr. W. A. Wolf & Miss Margureite Conagan...1906

Mr. James W. Turner, Jr. & Miss Alice Marian Brown...1931

Mr. W. L. Larrimore & Miss Ida M. Prevatt...1906

Mr. John M. Barksdale & Miss Nora Watkins...1891

Mr. R. C. Horn & Miss Irene Rush...1912

Mr.  John H. Edwards & Miss Maggie Denise...1907

Mr. Henry Cook & Miss Mary Hill...1912

Mr. Morten Ferguson & Miss Beulah Jones...1901

Mr. E. F. Mitchell & Miss Belle Hendrix...1912

Mr. C. A. Wiles & Miss Essie King...1902

Rev. J. H. Holbrook & Miss Eliza Saunders...1891

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