Levy County, FL Deaths

I have an obituary feature elsewhere on this site. My focus here is to add a death notice that appeared in the newspaper that wasn't necessarily an obituary. It's just another way of including surnames for your research. A lot of the deaths have other family names listed, so be sure to check them out.  If you have any articles  at home and  would like to send  them to be added here, I will be  glad to do so. You will be given credit as the submitter. Thanks!

Ben A. Anderson...1913

Mr. Flourney Farris...1909

Mr. Christopher Hafele...1905

Mrs. Allie Hester...1908

Mrs. Shidney J. Knight...1892

Mr. Landrum...1908

Mrs. S. T. Willis...1902

 Mr. Frank Cobb...1912

Mr. W. H. Whitehead...1913

Mr. John Brown...1913

Grady Watson...1913

James A. Overstreet...1909

J. K. Hill...1898

Mrs. A. H. Ellzey...1913

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