Misadventures Transcribed

Acquitted of Murder

Mr. Gabriel Priest, who was indicted of the murder of I. N. Chance and was tried in Levy County circuit court, was Saturday night pronounced not guilty by the jury, after being out only fifteen minutes. The shooting occurred at Williston, but Mr. Chance and Mr. Priest were both living in the western part of this county. Mr. Priest was defended by Hon. Frank Clark and Hon. S. L. Carter, of Gainesville. Source: Ocala Banner: 1-11-1907

Deputy U. S. Marshall R. R. Richards, of Cedar Keys, arrested Peter Page Friday last and took him to that place, where he will be given a preliminary hearing before U. S.  Commissioner Fred Cubberly, for having a distillery apparatus in his possession. Source: Ocala Banner: 8-24-1906

A negro was brought to jail Friday by constable Twiggs Allen, who was convicted for burglary in justice court and bound over in the grand jury. Source: Levy Times: 9-10-1891

N. A. Chandler, was killed on the Ambler road Saturday night, by George Washington, a negro employee of the Early Bird mines. The shooting was unprovoked and if the murderer is caught before the excitement abates, he will probably be lynched. Source: Levy Times: 1-14-1892

Mrs. Mott, at Chiefland, Assaulted and Murdered by a Negro

   Gainesvill, Fla., Oct. 29-Mrs. Mott was assaulted and murdered at Chiefland by a negro yesterday. The negro found Mrs. Mott at home alone and after having committing the assault, killed her and then escaped.
   A hundred white men have been in pursuit of the assailant, but so far unsuccessfully. Bloodhounds have been put on the trail and violent measures are promised if the negro is taken. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 10-29-06

Follow-Up (same day)

The Chiefland Tragedy

Mrs. Motts Murder May Have Been a Suicide

A telephone message from Gainesville this afternoon, said that the suspected negro had not yet been captured and that there was a growing belief that the woman might have suicide, instead of having been murdered. The matter is wrapped up in a great deal of mystery.


H. G. Hardee, postmaster at Chiefland, Fla., was arrested and put under bond at Gainesville last week charged with misappropriating funds belonging to the government. Source: Fort Pierce News: 9-10-1909


Coroner Fails to Place Blame for Williston Killing

Williston, April 15…Two coroner’s juries late today returned a verdict that D. A. Faircloth, a baker, and his four year old daughter, fatally shot last Saturday, “came to their deaths at the hands of a party or parties unknown” to the juries.

The juries found that the evidence considered by them did not warrant the issuance of coroner’s warrants for Dr. J. M. Willis, held in jail in a nearby city, in the connection of the death of the man and the girl. Source: Tampa Tribune: 4-16-1924

Captured an Escaped Murderer

Starke, Fla., Aug. 30…Sheriff Johns has arrived here with Frank Foster, the murderer of Sheriff Epperson, of Bradford county. Foster was sentenced to be hanged about three years ago and escaped the day before his execution. Sheriff Johns, of Bradford was assisted in making the arrest near Hernando, by Deputy Sheriff Lambert, of Levy county and Sheriff Priest of Citrus county. Foster was following his trade as a gambler around the phosphate mines. He was heavily armed when captured, but got no chance to use his weapon. Source: Waycross Weekly Herald: 9-1-1894

Bronson…The postoffice at Otter Creek was robbed Saturday night. The robbers worked the combination to the safe and secured about $100. At this writing, no clue to their identity has been secured. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 8-22-1906

Burglars at Williston

On last Saturday night burglars broke into the depot at this place and helped themselves to 100 tickets to Montbrook and about 10 milege books, they broke open the cash drawer, but obtained nothing. The depot at Montbrook and the depot and several stores at Morriston were entered by, we suppose, the same gang of thieves. Nothing of great value was obtained at either place. As yet, no clue as to the thieves…Williston Advocate…Source: Gainesville Sun: 9-13-1904

Ramsey Makes Arrest

Henry Outley, Wanted by Levy County Authorities, Placed in Jail…

Sheriff Ramsey Saturday arrested Henry Outley, a negro wanted by the authorities of Levy County upon a charge of attempted murder, the crime having been committed at Bronson a few days ago.

Outley will be held here pending the arrival of  an officer from Bronson to carry him back to the scene of the trouble. Source: Gainesville Sun: 5-3-1909

Bound Over

The negro boy, Ben Jordan who slugged Fred Mitchell in the head, and crushed in his skull, at Montague two weeks ago, on account of rivalry for the hand of a colored girl, was given a preliminary hearing Wednesday before Judge Crawford, was bound over to Judge Hocker’s court.   Judge Bullock defended the prisoner. In default of bond, he was committed to jail. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 3-10-1900

Got A Highway Robber

Man Wanted In Levy County Arrested In This City

Deputy Sheriff B. Burnsed has arrested, in Ybor City, J. A. Fillmon, white, who is wanted in Levy County for highway robbery.  Fillmon and Leonard Smallwood held up four men with shotguns and robbed them of commissary checks and $35 in cash.

Deputy Burnsed found Fillmon near the Hillsborough Lumber Company’s plant and locked him in the county jail. Last night Sheriff Lee Walker, of Levy came to Tampa and took the prisoner in custody. Fillmon asked for the privilege of saying goodbye to his wife, and their parting was very affecting. Source: Tampa Tribune: 1-10-1904


Were Arrested here by Marshal Arnow, After Making Escape

After having successfully made their escape from Cedar Key, where it is alleged they stole a quantity of fishing nets, Marshal Benj. T. Arnow arrested Henry and Jesse Bishop upon instructions from the authorities of Cedar Key.

The authorities were notified that the men were in jail and Wednesday, Marshal R. R. Richard came for them, taking them back on the evening train. Source: Gainesville Daily Sun: 1-16-1908

Hot Time In Gulf Hammock

At a dance in Gulf Hammock recently a daughter of W. H. Harvey, formerly of Crystal River, was shot by an attendant and Mr. Harvey was shot at by the same party, but was not hit. (Inverness Chronicle) Source: Ocala Evening Star: 6-10-1912

Deputy Charles W. Smith returned yesterday from a trip to Levy county, where he went to arrest Frank Richardson, whom it was understood, was working on railroad construction between Moriston and Archer. He arrived too late, however, as Richardson had left only two days before and left no clue as to the direction he was heading. Richardson is the negro who killed his wife several weeks ago about five miles southwest of town. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 8-7-1913


Cedar Key…Willie Stewart and Henry Pratt, two colored boys, became involved in a quarrel last Friday, Pratt stuck Stewart several times with a stick, Stewart drew a knife and stabbed Pratt inflicting a painful but not serious wound. They were promptly arrested by officer Sutton and brought before Mayor Lutterloh, who dealt justice to each. Source: Gulf Coaster: 1-26-1893

Before Judge Williams

Willie Agnew was tried before Judge D. S. Williams in this city Wednesday morning charged with breaking into the postoffice  at Lebanon, fourteen miles north of Dunnellon and taking money from the mail. He plead guilty and gave a bond. Deputy United States Marshall H. S. Chambers secured the prisoner and brought him to Ocala. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 4-1-1904


Arrested For Illicit Distilling

 Lee Armstrong, a white citizen, living three miles this side of Morriston, was arrested this morning at his home by Internal Revenue Collector T. W. Smith of Jacksonville, who discovered a still in a little house on the Armstrong place yesterday. Everyone was away from the home at the time. Mr. Armstrong was lodged in jail awaiting a preliminary hearing before Judge D. S. Williams, United States commissioner from this district. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 3-28-1914

Shooting Affray At Williston

A shooting affray occurred at the turpentine still on the outskirts of Williston about 8:30 o’clock last night. Mr. Leo Tyner was shot and instantly killed while with others raiding a negro crap game inside of a house. When he opened the door he was shot in the back of the head. At the coroner’s inquest the following jury was impaneled: W. D. Payne, foreman; T. E. Williamson, R. H. Redick, H. C. Henderson, C. O. Arnoll, L. E. T. Ellerson, which rendered the following verdict: “We, the jury, find that the deceased, Leo Tyner, came to his death by a gunshot wound at the hands of one, Henry Patterson.” Source: Ocala Banner: 12-24-1909

Contempt of Court

M. M. Clyatt went to Ocala Monday to answer to the charge of contempt of court in a suit brought against him by Dr. O. S. Clyatt. Judge E. A. Pennell represented the defendant and Jackson & Thomas, of Gainesville, the prosecution. Levy County Democrat…Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-31-1902

James Clark, whose home is in Ocala, deputy U. S. marshall for the northern district of Florida, carried into Tallahassee, July 4th, from Levy county, the following prisoners charged with selling liquor without paying the license; J. R. Cooke, John Larlinger, Sead Faircloth and A. O. Spearing. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 7-6-1898

Circuit Judge Robert R. Prentis has ordered a special term of court to convene next Thursday. Judge B. R. Hancock, of the First Judicial Circuit, Manchester, will preside. The case to be heard is that of I. T. Wilson vs. W. N. Camp, of Albion, Fla. Wilson won the case once, but the court of appeals found a writ of error and ordered a new trial. Source: Virginian Pilot: 12-2-1899

Bronson… H. L. Jones, deputy sheriff, went to Gainesville Friday and brought back three negroes, the Williams brothers, who did the indiscriminate shooting in Otter Creek several days ago, where three white men were dangerously wounded and many others endangered. They were given a preliminary hearing before Judge Friedman Saturday morning. The two older men waived examination and were put under a $300 bond for their appearance at circuit court and in default thereof, be committed to the county jail. The younger one was represented by Judge Pinnell, and Judge Friedman, put him under a $200 bond. They all failed to give bond. Many of our citizens are considerably incensed at the low bond required of them. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 11-7-1906

The Mills-Smith Shooting

A shooting affray took place at Early Bird Saturday night. Mr. Smith, foreman of the Alice mines, and E. L. Mills were both wounded. It is reported that these men, with others, were at a blind tiger gambling, when a dispute arose. After a few hot words Smith and Mills began shooting at each other. Smith received two flesh wounds and is not seriously injured. Mills received four wounds, one ball passing entirely through his chest on the right side. Morriston Correspondence Levy Times Democrat. Mills is getting better. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 2-1-1901

Bronson…The defendant, R. G. Priest, his attorney’s and his relatives and friends in the county, are very much disappointed that his case was continued and the special term of court called off. Priest is very anxious for a trial, as are his attorney’s, relatives and friends. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 10-24-1906

Jail Delivery

Ben and Spencer Brooks escaped from the Levy county jail, where they were awaiting trial in the United States court for forgery. They were aided in their escape by friends on the outside. The sheriff was absent hunting in the Gulf Hammock at the time. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 12-10-1908

A special term of the circuit court will be held here by Judge Wills, of Starke, Fla., beginning Dec. 31, for the purpose of trying two men for murder (both white), Gabe Priest for killing I. N. Chance, marshal of Morriston, on election day last May, and a man named Horton, who is accused of killing his wife. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 12-24-1906

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