Hunting Adventures Transcribed

Miss Clara Reagan, accompanied by her friend, Mrs. Will Porter, of Jacksonville, went to Raleigh today to enjoy a season of duck shooting. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-15-1902

The panther’s foot sent us by our Judson friends was too much decomposed to be cured. There are too more panthers in that neighborhood that will probably be captured soon, and we hope to get an entire skin to place on exhibition. Source: Levy Times: 6-11-1891


Henry Raulerson was a proud boy a few days ago. He killed his first deer and the family of Mr. R. P. had to sit up with him for awhile, but Henry did not forget to divide venison with the writer. Source: Levy Times: 4-2-1891

Mr. Trotter, of Gulf Hammock, Levy County, Fla, recently in one week killed five bears and Mr. Elzey a panther seven and a half feet long. Source: Milan Exchange: 1-6-1883

Long Pond

The boys of this vicinity are becoming famous as rabbit slayers. They were out the other day and dispatched seventeen, using only “chunks” in killing them. Source: Times-Democrat: 3-12-1891

Long Pond

Will Jackson was out on Long Pond last week. He had with him his breech loader and is, of course, a great sportsman. Source: Times-Democrat: 3-12-1891

Mr. Boothby lost one of his horses last Friday. “Cap” Sutton was out hunting on the Wacassasa and having dismounted to shoot a deer, the horse took French leave. It has not returned. Source: Levy Times: 5-21-1891 Follow-up…Mr. Boothby’s horse that was lost in Wacassasa with saddle and bridle on, was found dead one day last week. It is no fun to lose a horse. Source: Times-Democrat: 6-4-1891

Long Pond...Will Jackson was out on Long Pond last week. He had with him his breech loader, and is, of course, a great sportsman. Source: Levy Times Democrat: 3-12-1892

Dr. Jackson, Mr. Robinson and the other hunters returned Saturday evening. They killed several deer and turkeys, besides enjoying the trip immensely. Source: Levy Times Democrat: 1-29-1891

A Four Days’ Hunt

 Will Hocker, the popular young barrister of this city, accompanied by his friend, Capt. Jas. A. Radford, of Kentucky, returned to this city yesterday from an extensive four days’ hunt through the wilds of Gulf Hammock, where they slaughtered all kinds of wild beasts. They report having had excellent sport and a general good time. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 2-23-1897


A Very Large Deer

Montague…A party of hunters east of Montague yesterday killed one of the largest bucks of the season and the head is on exhibition in Harry Peter’s place. The deer was killed by Mr. Albert Fort. The deer had broken both of his horns off short, presumably in a wire fence. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-20-1914

Judge Joseph Bell and Dr. William Anderson went to Port Inglis today, where they will spend a week with Capt. John L. Inglis, hunting and fishing. The gentlemen have a week of royal sport in store for them, as Captain Inglis always gives his friends a fine time when they come to see him. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 12-14-1908


Returned From Port Inglis

Dr. Wm. Anderson and Judge Bell returned yesterday afternoon from their weeks’ outing with Capt. John L. Inglis at his beautiful bungalow at Port Inglis, and cruising on his magnificent yacht, the “Tuna.” Mr. Bigelow, superintendent of the Dunnellon Phosphate Company, was also one of the party on the trip. The party cruised as far south as Tampa. They had plenty of fish and game and enjoyed the week as only a party can when they are the guests of the genial Capt. Inglis. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 12-23-1908

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