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Editor S. A. Fackler of the Cedar Key Hustler, has sold his paper and moved on his farm near Morriston, where he will devote himself to the preparation of a book entitled “The Ups and Downs of a Cracker Editor,” which he has had in mind for a number of years. Source: Ocala Banner: 7-25-02


Locates At Bronson

Dr. B. M. Tison and family will leave today for Bronson, where they will make their future home. The doctor, who has been out of collage for the past two years, has decided on Bronson, owing to the location being close to his home and he will not go among the people there as a total stranger. During the intervening time he practiced medicine in the western part of Bradford County, but decided to make the move so that his field would be larger in which to follow his profession as physician. Source: Daily Sun: 2-5-1909

Dr. and Mrs. J. F. Mixson, who have been residing at Otter Creek for the past few years, have removed to Greenville, Madison County, where they will make their future home. Source: Gainesville Sun: 3-3-1907

Drew Folks and family have arrived in this city from Newton, Levy County, and will make Gainesville their future home, Mr. Folks having decided to open a grocery store. Source: Gainesville Sun: 2-27-1907

Alfred Smith left Tuesday for Tampa, where he will make his future home. Source: Levy Times: 1-14-1892

Mrs. Mary Wayne and daughter, Miss Annie, have moved back to their place here after nearly a year in Ocala. Source: Levy Times: 6-11-1891

Mr. P. Kellmer, wife and daughter, of Hazelton, Pa., will be down soon to spend the winter in Bronson. Mr. K. Will build a fine house on his grove near town and we can congratulate ourselves upon his becoming a citizen and neighbor in the near future. Source: Times Democrat: 11-12-1891


Mrs. Tifton and son, Jeff, have moved to Blitchton, where she expects to make her future home. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 9-14-1900

Morriston...Hosea Lanier has moved his family from Cow House in order that his children may attend school. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 9-14-1900

Chiefland…Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pierce are now comfortably located in their new home on the corner of Orange avenue and Green Street. Mr. Pierce is the general superintendent of the Tropical Lumber Company at this point. Source: Tampa Tribune: 2-19-1920

O. N. Saunders, of Bronson, treasurer of Levy county, after a brief visit to his sister, Mrs. P. M. Colson, departed for South Florida Monday. While Mr. Saunders holds a prominent public position and is very popular among the people of Levy county, he has decided to move to the city of Wauchula, Desoto, county, where he will make his future home. His constituents reluctantly give him up and want to insist that he remain, but Mr. Saunders believes the possibilities greater in South Florida and, notwithstanding that he would be glad to comply by their wishes, has decided to locate in his new home at once. Source: Gainesville Sun: 4-13-1905

Cedar Key…Mr. R. B. Hodgson formerly an old citizen of Cedar Key, but now a successful merchant in the city of Archer was crossing palms with his many friends in our city yesterday. We learned that Mr. Hodgson is an aspirant for the position of postmaster of that place. We can say of Mr. Hodgson that he is a true democrat and no one is more suitable for that position. Source: Gulf Coaster: 1-26-1893

Bronson…Joe M. Prevatt will move his family back on his town place for the winter so that his children may be in school here. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 9-5-1906

W. M. Ross and family will move to Albion next week, where Mr. Ross will take charge of Mr. Camp’s mine. He is shipping his furniture today. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 10-23-1897


Judge W. D. Morton has removed from Williston to Jacksonville and is manager of the Duval Farms Company. Source: Ocala Evening Star:  7-12-1912

It is said that County Commissioner D. W. Blitch has bought out the mercantile business of J. L. Cotrell at Cedar Key and will move his family there in the near future. (Bronson Time Democrat) Source: Ocala Evening Star: 7-12-1912

Thomas Prevatt, formerly of Levyville, but now a prosperous orange grower and planter of Largo, was in the city yesterday on a visit to relatives. Mr. Prevatt is erstwhile tax assessor of Levy county and was for many years quite popular among the people of his county. Source: Gainesville Sun: 6-23-1906

Bronson…Mr. James H. Lewis, a prosperous farmer and stock raiser, left Saturday for Ft. Meade, accompanied by his two children, Alice and Walter, where he will enter them in school. They will board with his sister, Mrs. A. B. Jones, who runs a hotel at that place. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 9-5-1906

Bronson…M. T. Washburn is having the dwelling house on the old Sebring place repaired. It will be occupied by the family of W. B. Tuttle, who is desirous of sending his children to school. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 9-5-1906

Montbrook…D. H. Lee, who has been saw-filer for the Wade & McArthur Lumber Company for the last two years, left here Monday with his family for Sunset, Ga., where he has accepted a similar position. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 4-26-1901

Bronson…Treasurer Sheppard has moved his family back to the farm at Chiefland, and has rented his place in town to Walter Lastinger, who has moved his family in from Newtown. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 12-16-1912

Miss Sanah Sneller of Montbrook has arrived in Ocala, where she will reside in the future. Miss Sneller has accepted a position in Mr. D. W. Davis’ insurance office, and is making her home with Mrs. T. M. Moore. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 2-12-1918


Morriston…Mr. Tom Beal and family have moved into Morriston, where they will make their future home, Mr. Beal having a position with D. B. Morrison Co. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 10-3-1912

The family of Mr. T. W. Shands have returned from a few weeks at his turpentine farm in Levy county and are comfortably domiciled in their East Gainesville home again. Source: Gainesville Star: 8-26-1904

Editor of Journal…

From present appearance, if the fever scare continues a week or two longer, our little city will be nearly depopulated; quite a number left Monday morning and others Tuesday. There has arisen the idea that dengue fever will be followed by yellow fever. Source: Florida State Journal: 8-5-1882

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. H. Shaw will leave Zuber next week for the Pinellas county. Mr. Shaw’s mercantile business at Zuber will continue, however, for the present. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 9-7-1918

Williston…Mr. J. H. Perry has moved his family to Montbrook where he has recently been appointed section foreman. They lived here for many years and their many friends regret to see them leave. Source: Ocala Evening News: 9-5-1906

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