Fishing Pleasures Transcribed

Capt. John L. Inglis, of Port Inglis, came in this afternoon, accompanied by Dr. Wm. Anderson and Judge Bell, of this city, who were the guests of the captain on a fishing trip aboard the captain’s yacht on the water of the gulf. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 12-22-1908

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Holder and Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Miller returned yesterday afternoon from Inglis, where they spent the last ten days most delightfully at Mr. and Mrs. Holder’s cozy hunting and fishing lodge. The party put in the time most pleasantly, fishing, boating on the river and gulf and going about in the automobile used to go and come from Ocala and spent a most ideal time. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 5-9-1908

Messrs. Harry Clarkson and G. T. Maughs returned today from a delightful cruise in the waters of the Gulf with Capt. John L. Inglis in his beautiful yacht, Tuna. They caught plenty of fish and had a splendid trip. The Tuna is out of commission, having been laid up today for the summer. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 4-30-1909

Messrs. Cole, Hubbard Weeks, and Raymond Sanchez, three of Judson’s young men, went on a fishing trip Friday. They bought up a lot of cold meats for fear they would catch no fish. Source: Gainesvile Sun: 6-27-1905

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