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H. H. Mills, of Cedar Key, mayor, station agent, express agent and in fact the “whole push” of that village, was in the city Sunday. Source: Gainesville Sun/Ocala Banner: 9-6-1901


W. E. Veal, of York, has shipped his stock of goods from Albion, Levy county to Rochelle, where he will continue his mercantile business. Source: Ocala Banner: 2-17-1905

W. S. Moze, of Rosewood, was transacting business in this city yesterday. Mr. Moze has been extensively engaged in the logging business, but has decided to abandon that occupation and go into cross ties. Source: The Gainesville Sun: 6-1-1907

Thomas Simpson and Charles Simpson and A. W. Woodward, of Cotton Plant, are for a time engaged in business at Albion. Source: Ocala Banner: 7-22-1904

Mr. Porter Smith has bought the meat market from W. R. Perryman and will supply the public with beef every Saturday. Mr. Smith has his own cattle and can always sell the choicest beef. Source: Levy Times: 6-11-1891

Mr. Jno. S. Pedrick and Mr. A. Roberts have gone into the saw mill business near Port Inglis. They are old hands at the business. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 5-7-1907

O. C. Tousey got his new soda fountain in order Saturday and it and his milkshaker have been kept busy ever since. We are now blessed with two soda fountains and Tousey and Coursey ought to be able to keep the public cool. Source: Levy Times-Democrat: 5-14-1891

Lumber is being placed on the ground for the erection of Denham & Ollason’s (?) new blacksmith and wagon shops. The building will be 30 x 40 feet, two stories and will give this popular firm the room its growing patronage demands. Source: Levy Times-Democrat: 1-14-1892


W. J. Epperson of Bronson was a visitor here yesterday. He is engaged in the mercantile and naval stores business at Newtown, southeast of the county seat. Source: Gainesville Sun: 11-8-1909

Ed Nottles is enlarging and improving his barber shop to care for his large and growing clientele. He will put in hot and cold baths, in addition to adding several more chairs. Source: Tampa Tribune: 2-19-20


Mrs. D. F. Webster has purchased the millinery stock of Mrs. W. J. Groves and will continue to run that business at the same place. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 3-1-1901

Gus A. Morton, of Williston, one of the most widely known citizens of Levy County, was registered at the Brown House yesterday. It will be remembered that Mr. Morton was a candidate for State Senator at the election in Levy County to succeed Se. Carter, deceased, and of the three candidates came within only a score of votes being elected. He has entered suit against John F. Jackson of Levy County for alleged slander during the campaign, which was a three-cornered and a heated one. Mr. Morton is quite popular in his county. Source: The Gainesville Sun: 6-1-1907

After a pleasant outing of several days on the ranch of Clyatt Bros., near Long Pond, Levy County, Vernon Clyatt, of Ocala, passed through the city yesterday en route home. Mr. Clyatt has been for several years a valued employee in the banking house of Munroe & Chambliss, but recently resigned on account of his health. His friends trust that he will truly regain his normal condition. – Gainesville Sun. Source: Ocala Banner: 7-1-1904

Contractor Stewart began work Tuesday on the printing office building and Masonic Hall and it will be rapidly pushed to completion. Source: Levy Times-Democrat: 5-21-1891

Editor, S. A. Fackler late of the Morriston Hustler, has become the proprietor of the Cedar Key Gulf Coaster and changed its name to the Hustler. If there is a man living who will give Cedar Key a good, live paper, it is Fackler. He is a hustler sure. If the business men of the town will give him their patronage, he will hustle for them certain. Here is success to Fackler. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-12-1901

Chiefland…Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pierce are now comfortably located in their new home on the corner of Orange avenue and Green Street. Mr. Pierce is the general superintendent of the Tropical Lumber Company at this point. Source: Tampa tribune: 2-19-1920

Bronson…S. L. Bean, another of our progressive merchants, is selling flour at $4.50 per barrel. He has a large stock on hand. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 11-21-1906


Editor J. N. Hale, of the Levy County Advocate, published at Williston, was in Gainesville Saturday, and paid this office an appreciated visit. Brother Hale is giving the people of Williston and Levy county, an up-to-date newspaper and they should appreciate it. Source: Gainesville Star: 8-9-1904

Cedar Key…Miss Nellie Whitman has accepted a position at the postoffice. She began her duties last Friday morning. Source: Gulf Coast News: 12-31-1925

Cedar Key…Wallace Brush has returned from Tarpon Springs and has accepted the position made vacant at Hardee Motor Co. by resignation of Mr. Jennings Rogers, who with his brother, have gone into the Chevrolet sales business with headquarters at Chiefland. Source: Gulf Coast News: 12-31-1925

M. M. Clyatt of Otter Creek, one of the successful merchants of that progressive Levy county town, was among those who spent yesterday in this city on business. Mr. Clyatt states that trade and business generally has held up remarkably well in his town, notwithstanding that many have been thrown out of employment in that section for the past few weeks. The laborers, who seemed to be of an industrious class, have saved their earnings, with the result that the majority of them have sufficient funds to tide them over the dull times. Source: Gainesville Sun: 1-30-1908

Cedar Key…G. M. Vincent, M. D. Physician and Surgeon…Cedar Keys, Florida…offers his professional services to the people of Cedar Keys and Vicinity. Office under city hall next to Gulf Coaster. Source: Gulf Coaster: 1-26-1893

Ocala…W. T. Hargraves, of Dunnellon, was in town today. Mr. Hargraves has opened a new turpentine location at Lebanon, under the name of Hargraves & Bro. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 2-2-1903

Mr. J. W. Fant, of Morriston, has recently bought out the mammoth stock of general merchandise of G. T. Merrell (?) & Co. of that place. He now has more goods than any other two stores in that section of the country, and is certainly selling them cheap.—Cedar Keys Hustler…Source: Ocala Evening Star: 11-12-1901


Williston…M. H. DeLand of Williston, cashier of the Bank of Williston, is spending a short time with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. DeLand, East Gainesville. Mr. DeLand is regarded as one of the shrewdest young business men and fanciers in the county. Mr. DeLand was at home there suffering from the effects of a poisoning supposed to have been contracted while in swimming. He is however, back at his post, and we are glad to report that he is much better. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 8-22-1906

Mr. E. S. Usher, formerly a member of the Ocala grocery firm of Ferguson & Usher, at present engaged in the turpentine business at Otter Creek, Levy county, is in the city on business. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 10-25-1913

Gus A. Morton, an extensive phosphate operator of Archer, was in the city yesterday. He recently discovered a very rich deposit of high grade rock near Archer, embracing about three acres, upon which a mining plant is now being erected.-Gainesville Sun…Source: Ocala Evening Star: 3-1-1900


Williston…The handsome new residence of Mr. R. C. Epperson now being erected will add a great deal to the appearance of the town when completed. Ralph is one of our hustling young business men who doesn’t believe in doing things by halves, so when his home is ready we need not be surprised if we hear of him “doubling his capacity.” Source: Ocala Evening Star: 8-22-1906

E. C. McMahan, the brick mason, returned yesterday from Montbrook, where he placed two boilers in position for Wade, McArthur & Co., the mill men. He says the cold has not hurt the vegetables in the vicinity of Montbrook, and times are unusually brisk in this section. (Gainesville Sun) Montbrook, just across the Marion line in Levy county, is one of the thriving towns of Florida. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-5-1900

Mr. E. S. Usher, formerly a member of the Ocala grocery firm of Ferguson & Usher, at present engaged in the turpentine business at Otter Creek, Levy county, is in the city on business. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 10-25-1913

In The Turpentine Business

Messrs. Ferguson and Usher who have been in the general grocery business in this city for several years, have embarked in the turpentine business. They have purchased an interest in the Suwannee Turpentine company in Levy county and Mr. Usher will go to that place to take charge of the business. Mr. Ferguson remaining in charge of the grocery store here, this naval stores company is a strong one and the Ocala friends of Messrs. Ferguson & Usher hope they will be eminently successful in their new business. Source: Ocala Banner: 1-18-1907

Mr. R. B. Hodgson formerly an old citizen of Cedar Key, but now a successful merchant in the city of Archer was crossing palms with his many friends in our city yesterday. We learn that Mr. Hodgson is an aspirant for the position of postmaster of that place. We can say of Mr. Hodgson that he is a true democrat and no one is more suitable for that position. Source: Gulf Coaster: 1-26-1893

Bronson…Proctor and Smith, our progressive merchants, have in stock a complete line of Christmas tricks and you will do well to call on them and buy now. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 11-21-1906

Chiefland…M. M. Clyatt, of Otter Creek, vice president of the Bank of Chiefland, was a prominent visitor this week. Source: Tampa Tribune: 2-19-1920

E. A. Osborne, member of the firm of the D. B., Morrison Co. of Morriston, one of the most extensive lumber concerns in Levy county, was transacting business in Gainesville yesterday. Source: Gainesville Sun: 7-27-1908

B. P. Beville, who has for the past few weeks been engaged in the fishing business with John L. Chesser, at Gulf Hammock, Levy county, has returned to the city and expects to remain, as his health has been none too good at that place. Source: Gainesville Sun: 12-28-1905

Bronson…Attorney John R. Willis is now agent for American Surety Co., and is prepared to write bonds of all kinds for individuals, co-partners and corporations. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 10-24-1906

J. L. Hargraves of Lebanon, below Dunnellon, returned home today. Mr. Hargraves recently bought the turpentine location at that point from his brothers, W. T. Hargraves and brother, and this week sold the location to Messrs. Herren & Herren of Romeo. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 11-13-1903

Lumber Business Improving

S. J. Gunn of Otter Creek, manager of the Otter Creek Lumber Company and 

president of the Gainesville Hardware Company, was transacting business in the city 

yesterday. Source: Gainesville Sun: 2-25-1909

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