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A Serious Accident

Last evening about 8: o’clock, while coming from Port Inglis to Rockwell on a swift railroad inspection motor car, Mr. Aleck Inglis and Mrs. And Miss Davis were thrown off while the car was running at high speed and Mr. Inglis and Miss Davis were seriously injured. Mrs. Davis escaped injury and she walked seven miles for assistance and a doctor. The accident occurred ten miles west of Rockwell and the car must have struck a cow on the track. Mr. Inglis was so seriously injured that he was unconscious until 10:00 today. Miss Davis’ leg was broken. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 5-28-1909

After spending a delightful two weeks with the family of W. K. Zewadski in Ocala, Miss Alley R. Vezey has returned to her home in Williston much improved in health.- Williston correspondent, Times-Democrat-Source: Ocala Evening News: 9-25-1903

Dr. and Mrs. J. M. Jackson are at Bronson, where they were called on account of the critical illness of Dr. Jackson’s mother, who was stricken with paralysis a few days ago. Source: Ocala Banner: 3-22-1907


Dr. J. M. Jackson, Jr., and two children left last night for Bronson, where the doctor’s mother has been very low for some time, he having returned from her bedside last week here, but was recalled yesterday by a telegram stating that she was sinking and to come at once and bring the children. Mrs. Jackson, his wife, has been with Mrs. Jackson, Sr., for some time and was still in Bronson when the change for the worse came. Miami Metropolis Source: Ocala Banner3-29-1907

Capt. H. S. Sutton, formerly Sheriff of this county, but now in charge of the section at Lennon on the S. A. L. Ry., wife and baby spent several days last week in town. They came specially to see Dr. Gunter about the baby’s health, which has not been good. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 9-26-1906

Fletcher Harrod had the misfortune, while chopping wood one day last week to cut one of his toes nearly off. Source Levy Times Democrat: 4-9-1891

Accident At Archer

Calvin Brown Injured For Life by Falling Timber

Archer-Feb 24-Calvin Brown, a former resident of Archer, but now employed at Otter Creek, met with a very serious accident that will probably make him a cripple for life. A piece of timber fell and broke his leg and in falling he tried to save himself, reaching out his hand, striking a short chisel and cutting his hand nearly in two. Source: Gainesville Sun: 3-1-1909


F. K. Trammell has been very ill with Malarial Fever. Source: Gainesville Sun: 10-23-1905

Williston…Mr. DeLand (M. H.) was at home there, suffering from the effects of a poisoning, supposed to have been contracted while in swimming. He is however, back at his post and we are glad to note that he is much better. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 8-22-1906

Judge Isaac S. Pedrick of Morriston, was placed in the hospital yesterday where he was operated on at a late hour. Mr. Pedrick is 82 years old and is doing as well as can be expected. He is the grandfather of Fred Pedrick, the well known young auto mechanic and the Messrs. Walter and John S. Pedrick. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 11-18-1913

Morriston…The smallpox is a thing of the past now in this section and the community is under many obligations to Dr. Latigue, of Gainesville, and the State Board of Health for stamping it out so speedily. No white people at all have had the disease. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 9-29-1900

M. M. Clyatt, a well-known resident and business man of Otter Creek, has gone to Hot Springs, Ark. Mr. Clyatt is suffering from Rheumatism and his many friends hope that the trip will prove beneficial. (Bronson Times-Democrat) Source: Ocala Evening Star: 8-23-1913

Friends of Mrs. Etta Hood Robinson, who has been visiting her father, Mr. Hood and family in Archer for several weeks, will be sorry to hear that her step-mother is critically ill with typhoid fever  at her home in Archer. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 9-5-1917


We are sorry to hear that Col. Marchburn, who has for some time been ill at his home at Cedar Key, is not improving as rapidly as was as first hoped for. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 7-12-1912

Bronson…County Judge-elect W. H. Anderson has been confined to his home by a slight stroke of paralysis. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 12-16-1912

Bronson…Miss Edith Peacock, who has been down with the grippe, we are glad to state, is improving. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 11-7-1906


Col. W. R. Coulter is still confined to his bed by sickness. He has not been able to attend to any business for over five weeks. Source: Levy Times Democrat: 10-19-1891

Col. John R. Willis of Bronson was greeting his friends here yesterday. He has recently been suffering from acute indigestion, which has had the tendency to reduce his flesh. Source: Daily Sun: 11-13-1909

“Cap” Sutton has been confined to the house with a badly swollen face caused by blood poisoning or erysipelas. Source: Levy Times: 9-29-1892


Saul Smith, a negro, who works at the Union mines, had his ankle broken by a car running over him yesterday. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 9-14-1900

Small Pox in Levy

Dr. E. Lartigue returned yesterday from Morriston, Levy County, where he went to look after the small pox situation in that county. He gathered in some twenty-five or more patients and placed them in a pest house down there. There seems to be more cases in that county than in any county the doctor has in charge. In speaking of the situation in this county, Dr. Lartigue stated to the reporter that there were now no cases and that he would close up the pest house in the county provided no new cases developed. – Gainesville Sun –Source: Ocala Evening Star: 9-9-1900

Bronson… Captain Laney who was recently transferred from Mulberry to the Archer section south on the Inverness branch, was injured by a bursting torpedo last Thursday. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 12-16-1912

Bronson… Your correspondent is informed that Senator N. R. Carter is very low and not expected to recover. His many friends will deeply regret to hear this, as he is a very popular man. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 11-21-1906

Accident At Inglis

Yesterday, Horace Scott of Tampa, a young man sixteen years of age, was killed by the falling of a scaffold at the chemical works at Inglis, where he was employed.

The body was brought to Dunnellon and prepared for shipment to Tampa. One other man was slightly hurt in the accident. Source: Dunnellon Advocate: 6-23-1905

Accident At Ingles

News reached this city Sunday from Inglis to the effect that Mr. L. M. Hendon, who held a clerical position at that place, happened to a very painful accident Saturday of having his foot and lower part of leg severely mashed under the trucks of a railroad car. The character of the wound was such that necessitated the amputation of the limb, which operation was successfully performed Sunday.

Mr. Hendon was well known in Ocala, having lived here some five years ago, at which time he was a bookkeeper for Jos. Marales & Co., at Marti City and afterwards for H. B. Masters. He also married a Miss Wells of this city. He is a prominent Mason and K. of P. His many friends in Ocala extend deepest sympathies to the suffering man and his bereaved family and express a fond wish for his speedy recovery. Source: Ocala Banner: 9-29-1905

Mr. P. M. Colson has been confined to his house the past few days because of sickness. Source: Levy Times: 5-14-1891

Williston…The friends of Mr. B. F. Carter will regret to know that he is suffering from the effects of a broken arm. It was caught in the machinery at the mill of R. D. Medlin & Co., where Mr. Carter is employed as saw filler and badly broken just below the elbow of his right arm. He is suffering very much, but is doing as well as could be expected. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 9-5-1906

Judson, June 26…J. N. Wood is sick with typhoid fever. They removed him to his father’s, Leroy Wood, at Double Sink. His brother, R. E. Wood, is attending to his store and postoffice in his absence. We hope that he will soon recover from his fever and be back at his post again. Source: Gainesville Sun: 6-27-1905

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