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Photograph of Democratic Legislature Represetative of Levy County From 1945 to 1951. Photo taken 1947...Courtesy of State Archives of Florida. Florida Memory,

Wm. J. Epperson

Hon. William J. Epperson

Member of House of Representatives from Ley County

Hon. William J. Epperson was born May 30, 1855, in Cherokee County, Georgia, but moved with his parents to Levy County, Fla., in 1897. For nine years he worked on his father’s farm, leaving there to become a clerk in the store of an uncle, Col. William R. Coulter, at Bronson. At the end of one year he bought out the business and began merchandising on his own account. He also engaged in cotton ginning, hotel and livery business and other things of minor importance until the year of 1900 when he began the manufacture of turpentine and rosin, also started a farm.

Mr. Epperson’s public service began in 1887 when he was elected county treasurer. To this office he was re-elected in 1888, without opposition and in the primary of last year, Levy County voted him to the House of Representatives above three opposing candidates.

Mr. Epperson has been twice married and has two daughters, one by each marriage. His first wife was Miss Corrine Carter of Meridian, Miss., who died in 1886; the second wife, Miss Anzonetta P. Boling of Cherokee County, Ga. is still living. Source: Levy Weekly True-Democrat: 4-9-1909

Hon. N. A. Blitch returned home Saturday. He stood by Call until he was elected, as the people desired and no one can complain that he was not on the side of economy, in every instance. He is a true alianceman. Source: Levy Times: 6-11-1891

The Result in Levy

Gus Morton fell by the wayside in the senatorial race in Levy County. J. A. Williams and J. R. Willis will have to run it over. W. J. Epperson, of Williston, won out over three competitors, for the House of Representatives. T. W. Price defeated Phillips for superintendent of schools. Mr. P. held the position for twenty years. O. J. Farmer, editor of the Levy County Democrat, Bronson, who was candidate for county treasurer, will have to run it over again with William Sheppard. Phillips defeat was one of the surprises of the campaign. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 5-23-1908

The Shell Pond barbecue and political picnic in Levy County Wednesday, considering the state of the weather, was a great success. It was estimated that there was over 300 voters present. Only Messrs. Stockton and C. M. Brown were present; others sent their regrets. The dinner was fine. Particulars tomorrow. At the close of the speaking, Mr. Stockton stated that he had his Punta Gorda speech in print and those who desired could have a copy. Over 400 copies were called for. Mr. Brown had a big call for his platform. Source: Ocala Evening News: 9-17-1903

Editor Farmer, of the Bronson Times-Democrat, who is a candidate for state senator from Levy County, has issued a strong address to the voters of that county and has accepted the challenge of one of his opponents for a joint discussion of the issues in the campaign. Source: Pensacola Journal: 2-15-1907

Willis is Elected

By their votes the citizens of Levy county have elected John R. Willis to represent them as senator, succeeding Senator Carter, deceased. There were three candidates in the field, John R. Willis, G. A. Morton and Oliver J. Farmer. Mr. Willis received 207, Mr. Morton, 181 and Mr. Farmer, 142 votes. Gainesville Sun. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 3-14-1907

Yankeetown… On last Thursday a number of Crystal River people were over to the big political rally at Inglis. All the candidates from three counties, Citrus, Marion and Levy were there and Frank Clark candidate for Congress. Source: Tampa Tribune: 5-26-1924

That District Attorney Sheppard will be appointed district judge is a foregone conclusion with a great many lawyers in this section of the state and speculation is ripe now as to who will succeed the district attorney. The only republican likely to secure the plum is Fred Cubberly of Bronson. Among the democrats who will be sure to be aspirants are Emmitt Wilson, who for the past six months has been assistant district attorney; R. Pope Reese, who is serving on the I. I. Investigating Commission, at Tallahassee and Rivers H. Buford, of Quincy. Source: Pensacola Journal: 7-13-1907

The result of the Senatorial election in Levy county was not particularly surprising to politicians in various parts of the state. Honorable John R. Willis, the successful candidate for Senator, is well trained in the school of politics, and in this respect had both of his opponents at a disadvantage from start to finish. Gus Morton---“Jolly Gus,” as he is familiarly known to his friends---was comparatively unknown to a great majority of the voters of Levy county and has reason to be proud of the vote he received. He possessed of that geniality which makes friends wherever he goes and the Sun predicts that he will yet come to the front in Levy county politics. Senator Willis is well known all over the state, having served a term in the lower house of the Legislature, as well as having served two terms as assistant reading secretary of the Senate. He is well equipped to serve his people in a legislative capacity and his friends should have no regret of getting him to the Senate. Source: Gainesville Sun: 3-15-1907

Nelson Gets Appointment
Succeeds Col. Fred Cubberly Who Is New District Attorney

H. G. Nelson, a partner of the firm  of Nelson & Manners of Williston, has been appointed to succeed Col. Fred Cubberly as collector of customs for the ports of Cedar Key and Port Inglis. Source: Gainesville Sun: 7-1-1909

Louis Apple and son, Louis Jr., were in the city from Bronson Monday. Mr. Apple is a confederate veteran and for eight years was the efficient tax assessor of Levy county. Source: Gainesville Sun: 8-14-1907

Newton A. Blitch, State Inspector of Convicts, has joined the race for Railroad Commissioner. Mr. Blitch, who succeeded R. F. Rogers, in the position he now holds, has represented Levy county many terms in the Legislature, serving in both houses and making a fine record. He has served as Inspector of Convicts with satisfaction to the people and in all respects he will be a strong candidate for Railroad Commissioner. With the entry of Mr. Blitch the list now embraces five who want the two jobs, the others being, Jefferson B. Browne, R. Hudson Burr, T. J. Appleyard and E. B. Bailey. Source: Jacksonville Sun: 4-14-1906

Hon. Oliver J. Farmer, editor and proprietor, of the Levy Times-Democrat, was in the city yesterday, and paid the Star office an agreeable call. Mr. Farmer is a candidate for State Senator from Levy county, and if the other “farmers” of Levy---as well as other Democratic voters---do what is best for them, Levy will send a “Farmer” to the Senate. Mr. Farmer is a Thomas Jefferson-Jno. N. C. Stockton Democrat, and as a State Senator would be a credit to Florida. Source: Gainesville Star: 2-26-1904

Montbrook…George Randall has been appointed Marshall, to fill the unexpired term of C. Armstrong, deceased. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 8-0-1901

C. N. Saunders, formerly treasurer of Levy county, but who has now become one

of the leading merchants of Trenton is in the city on a business and pleasure trip

combined. While here he is the guest of W. W. Colson. Source Gainesville Sun: 7-13-1908

Stockton Challenged To A Joint Debate

Gus Morton, of Levy County, wants to meet him on the stump

The Gainesville Sun Says….

“About the latest sensational political development is the fact that Hon. Gus A. Morton, of Williston, candidate for state senator, from Levy County, is after the scalp of J. N. C. Stockton, candidate for governor and has addressed him a personal letter inviting him to come to Gainesville and meet him in open debate Friday, April 17.”

Mr. Morton was for several years connected with Mr. Stockton’s interests in Levy County and was one of the most ardent and faithful friends he had during his race for the United States senate, but something has evidently “gone wrong” as far as Morton is concerned and he appears to be anxious to meet Mr. Stockton in open debate on political and other issues. Following is a copy of the letter:

Williston, April 15, 1908-Mr. J. N. C. Stockton, Jacksonville, Fla. Dear Sir-As you are a candidate for governor and I am a candidate for the senate from Levy, County, you are requested to meet me in Gainesville on the 17th inst., and I think it nothing but right that we go to Bronson as soon as possible and Ocala.

I know that you would cheerfully make arrangements for a meeting in your city also. Respectfully, Gus A. Morton Source: Ocala Evening Star: 4-16-1908

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