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A Frightful Accident…Roy Haynes Whirled to death by revolving shaft at Crystal River Tuesday. On Tuesday while working near a revolving shaft in the mill of the Crystal River Lumber Co. at Crystal River, Roy Haynes a mechanic had his clothes caught in a revolving shaft and was literally torn to pieces before the machinery could be stopped. The unfortunate man had only been at work there several weeks having recently removed from Monti, Georgia, where he leaves a wife and several children. His remains were taken charge of by Mr. a. E. Owens of the undertaking establishment of McIver & McKay of this city and embalmed for shipment to his former home in Georgia. Ocala Banner: 12-15-1905 

We regret to learn that Mrs. A. S. King has been suffering very much this week from the bite of a spider on her hand. Crystal River News: 9-1914

Mrs. G. C. Kersey of this city who has been sick at Port Inglis has returned home last Sunday after two months absence much improved in health. Crystal River News: 11-3-1911

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Tucker of Ocala, were called to Crystal River Monday on account of the serious illness of  Mrs. Tucker's grandmother, Mrs. Stone.   Crystal River News: 2-1912

Marshall Harvey went Wednesday to Inverness to carry a colored woman by the name of Laura Lewis over to be examined for insanity. Dr's. Miller and Dame pernounced her unbalanced. She will be taken to Chattahoochee as soon as an attendant comes.   insane

The little boy of Mrs. Joel Booth which has been ill is much better.  Crystal River News: 7-31-1914

Sheriff George Carter was in town last Saturday in route to Inverness from Crystal River. Sheriff Carter has been on the sick list with the dengue fever for about two weeks, but is improving.

Ocala Evening Star: 9-2-08

Mrs. J. D. Bennett, wife of the well-known physician here, was successfully operated on a few days ago at Springfield, Ohio. Mrs. R. J. Knight accompanied her mother to that city, and are guests of Mrs. Ada Bennett Montanus. Ocala Evening Star: 12-2-08

Mr. Theodore Espy of St. Augustine was called here on the account of the critical illness of his mother. Crystal River News 1-29-1915

Mrs. N. R. Wilson, formerly Miss Pink Allen, is very ill at this writing. She is being attended by Dr. Irwin of Crystal River and Dr. Dame of Inverness. We hope for her a speedy recovery.

Crystal River News: 3-26-15

Red Level...Mrs. Caroline Everett had the misfortune of getting a fall a few days ago which ”laid her up” for a few days. We are glad to say she is improving. Crystal River News: 12-8-11

On Tuesday night of last week Miss Ruby King was seized with a very severe case of indigestion. For several hours she was in very critical condition, until relieved by Dr. Dame of Inverness, who was summoned by phone. Source: Crystal River News: 11-6-14

Mr. C. C. Herrick, one of the best known and most progressive men of the state, after an extended absence from his town, and family, returned to both Tuesday. We regret to say that his health is not greatly improved, but few matters which would militate to the building up of the town but have found in Mr. Herrick an able and enthusiastic support. His many friends and they are legion, hope for his ultimate recovery. Source: Crystal River News: 11-3-11

Accident to Earl Pearson

Mr. J. W. Pearson telephoned from Floral City this morning for a doctor and Mrs. Pearson to go to Floral City, saying that his son, Mr. Earl Pearson, had broken his leg. Mr. Pearson’s friends hope that his recovery will be rapid. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-17-08

Mr. and Mrs. Espey of Crystal River, went to Jacksonville today to have Mr. Espey’s eyes treated. Ocala Evening Star: 11-24-02

Mr. Fred Robertson of Crystal River who has been ill for several days came up to Ocala Monday to be treated and is a patient at the Marion County Hospital. Ocala Banner: 11-6-1908

Robert Cribb the young assistant at the depot has been discharged from the hospital at Waycross and is now visiting his grandmother in Georgia. His many friends here are delighted to hear of his recovery. Crystal River News: 3-1915

Mrs. W. H. Espy, who has been indisposed for some weeks, has found it necessary to go to a sanitarium for a minor operation. No fears are entertained by her friends as to the result. She left Monday for Tampa. Her son-in-law, Drew Edwards of Hernando accompanied her. Source: Crystal River News: 12-8-11

Dr. J. W. Hood made a professional visit to Crystal River yesterday. He was called to see the wife of Dr. Fant, who is seriously ill.  Source: Ocala Evening Star:  12-6-1902

Master Floyd Thomas recently fell out of the peach tree and broke his collar bone and as a consequence carries his left arm in a sling. The lad bears his misfortune bravely, but will probably keep out of peach trees for a while. Source: Citrus County Chronicle: 12-10-1909 

Mrs. George Allen of Floral City has taken her baby to the Marion County hospital at Ocala to place him under the care of Dr. Van Hood. The baby was severely burned on the top of his head some months ago. It is thought it will be necessary to attempt skin grafting. We hope it will prove successful. Source: Citrus County Chronicle: 10-10-1908

Little Edie Whittington was suddenly taken ill while at school last Thursday and had to be taken home, but soon recovered, and is alright again. Source: Crystal River News: 3-26-15

Many friends of Mrs. Lela Parshall will be glad to hear she is beginning to improve after a very serious operation in the Tampa hospital. Source: Citrus County Chronicle: 2-18-1937

Mr. P. B. Bowie, formerly with the Star, but now in charge of the Crystal Publishing Co., at Crystal River, and making a splendid success of the Crystal River News, was in town yesterday between trains. Mr. Bowie has gained 18 pounds since going to Crystal River and is in better health than he has been in for several years. We are sorry to learn that Mrs. Bowie and little daughter Clarice, who are at Bartow, are not well at all. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 10-18-1909

Dr. S. H. Blitch was called home today on account of the sickness of his wife. He was accompanied by his daughter, Miss Legie, who is attending school here. Source: Crystal River  News: 1-16-1907


Mrs. W. H. Espy, who has been indisposed for several weeks, has found it necessary to go to a sanitarium for a minor operation. No fears are entertained by her friends as to the result. She left Monday for Tampa. Her son-in-law, Drew Edwards, of Hernando, accompanied her. Source: Crystal River News: 12-8-1911

Mr. Sam Knight, of Crystal River, who has been very sick at the home of his son-in-law, Mr. C. E. Thomas, realized a decided change for the better yesterday. He was brought here first of the week and until yesterday’s results, was considered a hopeless case. Mrs. Knight is with her husband. Source: Ocala Banner: 11-24-1905

A road grader being loaded onto a transport by Albert Pridgen of Inverness fell, pinning his right leg beneath it. This all happened at the new shopping center and Pridgen narrowly escaped death. Source: Citrus County Chronicle: 1-24-1963

Elinor Van Ness, of Arlington, Citrus County, has been dangerously ill in Ocala, but is now improving. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 6-6-1901

Jimmy Scofield suffers broken arm yesterday.

Little Jimmy Scofield son of Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Scofield met with a very painful injury Wednesday afternoon. Jimmy was playing with the other children on the school grounds and in some manner in jumping, he fell and broke his right arm. He was rushed to the doctor’s office where his arm was set and later taken to Crystal River for an x-ray. Source: Citrus County Chronicle: 1-7-1937

Crystal River…Miss Esther Todd, assistant superintendent of the High School was taken ill last Monday and was taken to her parental home in Umatilla. Source: Tampa Tribune: 12-12-24

Mr. John Juhan, who has been in Ocala for the past month or six weeks, recuperating from his recent serious illness, returned to Crystal River yesterday afternoon to take charge of his large drug business there. During his illness his store was in charge of Mr. J. B. Willis, of this city, who will shortly resume his travels for the Southern Drug Company. Source: Ocala Banner: 1-1-1909

Crystal River…Some time ago, Dr. W. B. Moon went to a Rochester, Minn. Hospital where he was operated upon by the Mayo Brothers for an aggravated case of compound fracture of the right hip. A recent letter from Dr. Moon states that the x-ray shows the bones knitting finally, so that he hopes to recover soon. Dr. Paul Crumpier from Clinton, N. C., has taken over Dr. Moon’s practice during his absence. Source: Tampa Tribune:4-2-1923

Crystal River…W. B. Edwards, one of the city’s oldest citizens has been under the doctors care for some time and is reported at the point of death. Mr. Edwards is the father of Hallie and Harvey Edwards, two of Crystal River’s most progressive business men. Source: Crystal river News: 10-16-1914

Inverness…Little Brant Marshall had his arm broken while jumping off the sidewalk one day last week. Dr. Miller set the limb and Brant is out again. Source: Tampa Tribune: 8-24-1910

Crystal River…Mrs. Mary Wheeler left here Thursday afternoon for Tampa to undergo an operation. She was accompanied by her mother, Mrs. T. S. Harvey and her physician, Dr. G. A. Dame. Source: Crystal River News: 11-6-1914

Crystal River… H. B. King, a Lecanto farmer, was injured last week by a falling well derrick. His collar bone was broken and ribs bruised. Last report he is improving. Source: Tampa Tribune: 5-16-1909

Runaway At Crystal River

Monday morning at Crystal River a mule that was being driven by Mr. Shine, the well known borer for the Pearson Oil and Gas company, became frightened and ran away. In the vehicle with Mr. Shine was Mr. Stevens, who until recently worked at the fire station in this city. Both men were thrown from the buggy. Mr. Stevens escaped unhurt, but Mr. Shine was unlucky enough to succeed in having his collar bone broken. He was brought to Ocala on the evening train for medical treatment and is now at the Montezuma hotel. Source: Ocala Banner: 8-31-1906

Tuesday morning, J. J. Cooper, an employee of the West-Reaves Lumber Co., while at work, accidentally fell about eighteen feet, striking on his back. He was very seriously injured, being partially paralyzed as a result. Source: Tampa Tribune: 2-6-1915

W. F. Warnock, publisher of the chronicle, went to Jacksonville Wednesday morning with his little daughter, Elizabeth, to have an operation performed upon her by a specialist for nasal problems. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 6-1-1912

Willard Hanbury met with a serious accident at the log camp 15 miles from town Saturday, that came near costing him his life. He was struck in the left leg by an axe he was welding, severing an artery, from which he came near bleeding to death before he could be brought to town for treatment. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 6-1-1912

Homosassa...Mrs. Mary Mecklin is very ill at the home of her daughter, Mrs. E. P. Graham. Her daughters, Mrs. Mack Smith and Mrs. Williamson and her son, Mr. J. B. Young, are assisting Mrs. Graham in caring for their mother. Mrs. Mecklin is almost eighty-three years old and beloved by all who know her. Source: Tampa Tribune: 2-6-1915

Homosassa…Benjamin Shiver is getting along nicely. The bone in his limb is knitting but it will be some time before he will be able to be out. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 6-26-1912

Homosassa…Benjamin Shiver was out last Sunday for the first time in six weeks. His limb has knitted all right and he can get around very well on crutches. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 7-13-1912

Mr. and Mrs. Espey of Crystal River came up today from Punta Gorda, where they went on a cruise by boat from Crystal River. Mr. Espey is the gentleman that Dr. Newsome so successfully cured in the hospital of the frightful injuries sustained in the mill at Crystal River. He has entirely recovered and in perfect health. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 7-30 1898


Billy Brimmage, 22, Homosassa, was in critical condition this week (1948) as a result of an accident Sunday night when his motorcycle struck a cow on US 19, two miles south of Crystal River. James Hall, 21, also of Homosassa, who was riding behind Brimmage, was cut and bruised. The cow was killed and the motorcycle demolished. Source: Citrus County Chronicle: 11-7-1963

Homosassa…Mrs. J. J. Williams and Miss Maria have returned from visiting friends in Atlanta, Ga. We are glad to report that   Miss Maria has entirely recovered from a bout of acute appendicitis. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 7-13-1912

Ocala…Mrs. J. F. Morrison, accompanied by her physician, was brought in from Inverness last evening and placed in the hospital for treatment. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 2-5-914


Fletcher Morrison goes to Ocala almost every day, where his wife is in the hospital and on his trip Monday, his little son accompanied him. Mrs. Morrison is reported as recovering rapidly. (Inverness Chronicle) Source: Ocala Evening Star: 2-21-1914

Small Pox Reported in Citrus

Abe Brown of the Tea Pot grocery, had a letter this morning from Dr. J. B. Bennett, of Crystal River saying a stranger visited Mr. Knight’s turpentine camp, near that place, and next morning was down with small pox. Mr. Bennett is president of the board of health of Citrus county, and will see that the camp is duly quarantined. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 11-10-1897

Crystal River...Mrs. N. Barco was called to Live Oak, on Friday, to the bedside of her daughter, Minnie, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Armstrong, at that place. She returned home on Saturday, Miss Minnie having improved sufficiently for her to leave. Source: Tampa Tribune: 7-8-1906

Mr. Bell Injured

Several days ago, while at Crystal River, Mr. Bell, of this city, was quite badly hurt. He was on a boat putting up signs when he lost his footing and fell to the bottom of the boat. Two of his ribs were broken by the fall and he was otherwise bruised and hurt. He was brought home and otherwise confined to his room. His friends trust he will soon be out again. Source: Ocala Banner: 8-11-1905

Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Stevens and bright little son, James visited Ocala Monday. They returned Tuesday accompanied by Mr. John Stevens, who is convalescing, having recently been down with typhoid fever. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 8-8-1911

Crystal River…Late reports from C. E. Herrick, who has been in Atlanta for treatment, are to the effect that he is much better and hopes to be home soon. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 8-28-1911

Elinor Van Ness, of Arlington, Citrus County, has been dangerously ill in Ocala, but is now improving. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 6-6-01

Crystal River…Rev. W. J. Bartlett, pastor of the Methodist church here, who has been sick for some time is now getting better. Source: Tampa tribune: 4-2-1923

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