Surname Index of Bible Records
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These Bible Records are those submitted by applicants for membership in the
Halpatiokee Chapter of the Florida DAR in Stuart, Florida.
The Bible Records (in a notebook, located in the Genealogy Room of the Blake Library, 2351 SE Monterey Road, Stuart)
have been arranged in alphabetical order according to the surname of the original owner
of each bible.  These are numbered from 1 to 45.
An index to all the surnames mentioned in each of these records is appended with a number to indicate
in which record(s) each name listed can be found. 
If a surname interests you, email:   This is the Martin Co. Genealogical Society
or use the Martin Co., FL, message board.
These records have been gathered, arranged and indexed by
Reba Shepard, Dorothy Williams, Paul Beall and Walter Schrock. 
The volume was completed in April, 2001.
In the following list, an underlined name and # is the bible owner and tab #.
A's:  _arheydt-32, Abbott-19, Adams-34, Akin-14, Aldrich-11, Allbritton-22, Allen-1,26,37, Anders-2, Anderson-9, Apgar-3, Applegate-4, Ardis-6, Arnold-4.
B's:  Baker-19, Baldwin-19, Barnard-5,26, Barrow-43, Bascom-36, Bastian-24, Batson-7, Beach-34, Becker-24,32, Beggs-6, Bell-43, Bender-6,9, Benjamin-11, Berndt-31, Bicbigheiser-3, Blakeney-1, Bloom-23, Bonney-23, Bowen-36, Bowles-26, Boyd-17, Bradbury-4, Brightman-14, Britt-15, Brock-22, Bross-7, Bruce-23, Buchanan-7, Buck-21, Burney-6, Bush-9, Bussell-14.
C's:  Campbell-42, Carpenter-17, Caskey-7, Cass-26, Chaffee-6, Chace-26, Chaney-22, Chilcoat-22, Chiles-42, Clark-33, Clarke-6,9,33, Claytor-18, Clemmen-19, Coleman-8, Collier-23, Collins-36, Colyer-23, Combs-17, Connell-38, Conover-4, Craig-1, Curnell-17, Curry-43, Cushing-7.
D's:  Davidson-33, Davis-11,8,6, Deal-33, Dean-9,10,33, DeNicholas-38, Dimon-11, Dooley-17, Drew-23, Drucilla-10, Dudley-45.
E's:  Eachhaltz-20, Earrings-19, Edenfield-28, Edmonson-15, Edwards-12, Ellerbee-12, Ellis-21, Ely-13, English-35, Estes-17, Evan-24.
F's:  Farrar-33, Ferguson-13, Fischer-11,39, Floyd-15, Foley-19, Folks-39, Forbes-5, Forman-42, Fortson-36, Fox-4,36, Fraits-14, Frazier-34, Frost-31, Fulton-16.
G's:  Gaddy-19, Gallaway-31, Galphin-6, Gallop-5, Gammans-14, Garner-23, Garragus-34, Garrenton-5, Genelay-38, Gibbs-6, Gidley-14, Gillespie-9,10, Gish-26, Githland-21, Godfrey-24, Gooch-17, Goodpasture-17, Goodwin-35,44, Goody-11, Gray-20, Green-16, Greene-15, Griffen-20.
H's:  Haile-1,10, Hamden-37, Hamilton-6, Hanjard-17, Hansrath-35, Harper-26, Harris-11, Harrison-19, Hathaway-19, Hawley-20, Hewitt-19, Higgin-19, Higginbotham-36, Hilborn-2, Hoofnagle-24, House-37, Howard-20,37, Hubbard-24, Hudson-11, Hughes-6,38, Hunnicult-34, Hurst-16, Hutcherson-23.
  I's:  Irwin-22.
  J's:  Jacks-2, Jennings-11, Johnson-2,17,19,21,37, Jones-5 
K's:  Kelly-21, Kendrick-23, Kight-5, Kimball-20, Kindell-4,34, King-17,27, Kirkland-22, Kirven-12, Knight-27,42, Kurzenegger-6.
L's:  Lamar-6, Lance-3, Lane-26, Larabee-41, Leray-24, Lindsey-45, Loudans-19, Lunday-15.
M's:  Malcomb-26, Marchand-30, Marion-33, Markwell-2, Marshall-42, Masterson-2 and 16-26, Matthews-16, Maxwell-11, McCall-27, McCarty-42, McConnell-26, McCormack-38, McDonald-28, McGinn-14, McIver-12, McKnight-6, Meyer-6,24, Migers-3, Miller-1,6,19,24,28,33,39, Mills-6,9,34, Mofford-19, Mooney-7, Morgan-29, Morris-20,30,36, Morrow-21, Morton-23, Mullins-36, Muncy-7, Myers-9,10.
N's:  Nail-9, Nates-39, Neff-13, Negus-14, Nelson-42, Newcomer-31, Newton-25, Norris-36, Norton-7.
O's:  Olain-30, Olden-30, Oldham-17, Osborne-16, Oulds-14.
P's:  Pace-17, Pangburn-32, Parliament-7, Patterson-33, Peacock-28, Pemberton-34, Peterson-2, Phillip-19, Phite-21, Pitzer-17, Poag-6, Poole-4, Prescott-35,44.
R's:  Rasti-23, Redden-5, Reddick-6, Reed-14,42, Reeves-23, Register-36, Reid-6, Reynold-19, Rice-37, Richmond-13, Rider-16, Roberts-22, Robertson-21, Rogers-18,36, Ruggles-44.
S's:  Sandlin-21, Samples-2, Scales-18,25, Schiffel-38, Schilling-39, Schmitt-36, Seckinger-39,40?, See-26, Seeley-8, Seigmann-39, Seitz-36, Semmler-39, Seybold-39, Sharp-41, Shepard-18, Sherman-14, Sherril-26, Sides-23, Siebert-23, Smith-15,19, Snider-26, Soward-42, Spragens-16, Springer-30, Stahl-13, Stanford-26, Stansell-36, Staple-34, Stedman-44, Steele-23, Stone-17, Stout-26, Sturzenoger-6, Summers-43, Sumter-6, Sur Manno-11, Suthill-8.
T's:  Taft-11, Talmage-6, Tarr-26, Taylor-6, Terry-8, Thomas-17, Thompson-19, Thorn-26, Threldkill-43, Thurman-33, Tobler-6, Tratter-18, Trees-24, Tripp-14, Trittin-24, Turner-30, Tuthill-8.
U's:  Uhl-31.
V's:  Vance-19, VanEtter-32, VanValkenburgh-32, Vining-6, Vogelmann-17.
W's:  Wainman-36, Wait-35,44, Wallace-12, Walt-23, Washburn-19, Watkins-9, Webb-20, Wells-11, Westmoreland-28, White-26, Willett-19, Williams-17,24, Williamson-12, Wills-23, Wilson-2,4,6,  Windom-22, Wood-26,34.
Y's:  Yarborough-17, Young-11,33.
Z's:  Zollicoffer-45, Zubly-6,9.