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Campbell, John T.
Corwin, Samuel C.

Author: The History of Florida:  Past & Present, The Lewis Publishing Co., Vol. II  p340  1923

     CAMPBELL, JOHN T. has been a resident of Bradentown for over twenty
years, and is a well known banking official here and in other towns of Manatee
     He was born in Jacksonville, Georgia, October 6, 1876, son of WILLIAM P.
and SUSANNA (WILCOX) CAMPBELL, both natives of Georgia, and grandson of HENRY
JACKSON CAMPBELL, a native of North Carolina, and of MITCHELL and MARTHA
(SWAIN) WILCOX, of Georgia.  WILLIAM P. CAMPBELL was a soldier in a Georgia
regiment in the Civil war and died in 1887, and his wife passed away in 1888.
     After the death of his parents JOHN T. CAMPBELL lived at Darian, Georgia,
five or six years, and then came to Florida.  He was a clerk in the circuit
clerk’s office at Tampa a year, and then for a number of years continued work
as a bookkeeper in that city.  He came to Bradentown in December, 1899, and
since then has been active in banking.  He became cashier of the old Bank of
Manatee, which since 1912 has been the First National Bank , of which he is
now vice president and cashier.  He is a director in the Manatee County State
Bank at Palmetto, is president and director of the Citizen Bank at Manatee, is
vice-president and director of the Guarantee Abstract Company, and is
director, secretary and treasurer of the Bradentown Builders Association.
     On November 19, 1903, Mr. CAMPBELL married NETTIE LEE COOK, a native of
Georgia, and daughter of J. F. and DAMARIUS (McARTHUR) COOK.  They have two
daughters, ELIZABETH and MARTHA.  Mr. CAMPBELL is a trustee and chairman of
the Building Committee of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  He is a democrat
and a Knight Templar Mason.
Presented by  Nancy Rayburn
CORWIN, Samuel Cluse
Author: The History of Florida: Past & Present, The Lewis Publishing Co., 1923, Vol. III pg.255

    CORWIN, SAMUEL CLUSE pursued the simple life for some years,
cultivating his land and developing a citrus grove, but for the past thirty
years has been one of the very vigorous men of affairs at Bradentown, has
accumulated extensive property, and has given up only a few of the important
interests that engaged him there.
    Mr. CORWIN is of old New England stock and was born at Bristol, Rhode
Island, July 20, 1858, son of SETH and CORDELIA (BAKER) CORWIN, his father a
native of Riverhead, Long Island, and his mother of Bristol, Rhode Island. 
His father was a ship master, and sailed a boat between Providence and New
York.  He died about 1917 at Stonington, Connecticut.
    SAMUEL C. CORWIN, whose mother died in 1861 when he was three years
old, was reared in Rhode Island, attended the public schools, and at the age
of nineteen became connected with the grocery business at Bristol.  He
remained there six years and then his doctor ordered him South to benefit his
lung trouble.  In October, 1883, he arrived at Sarasota in Manatee County, and
soon homesteaded 120 acres.  He proved up, developed a farm, set out two acres
in oranges, and also made considerable profit as an apiarist, having at one
time seventy colonies of bees.  On his farm he busied himself for thirteen
years.  After selling he moved to Bradentown, was employed in a grocery store
for a year and one-half, and then took charge of a steamboat dock and about
three years later bought the dock and continued its active management until
April, 1922, when he sold it to WILLIAM ADAMS of Sarasota.  Mr. CORWIN since
1902 has been local agent for the Gulf Refining Company of Pittsburgh.  He
owns a fine home on Upham Street in Bradentown, and considerable other
property including a gas filling station and ten acres of farm land just south
of the city limits on Florida Avenue.  He also owns a house and lot occupied
by his daughter at Seminole Heights in Hillsboro County and has other property
in Cortez.
    He married in 1881 IDA WEST, a native of Bristol, Rhode Island, who
died in 1900.  The children of this marriage were:  NANCY, wife of J. GATHER
BONNEWELL, of El Paso, Texas; LEONORA,  Mrs. COLLIER BROWNING of Bradentown;
and MARGARET, wife of ALLISON LASTINGER, of Tampa.  In March, 1902, Mr. CORWIN
married INA WOODRUFF, daughter of JOSEPH WOODRUFF, and a native of
Massachusetts.  The children of this union all at home, are FRANCES, ALICE,
CORDELIA, SAMUEL and EDITH.  Mr. CORWIN served for several years as a
vestryman in the Episcopal Church, has been commissioner of both the Sarasota
and the Bradentown districts, was for one term county treasurer, and four
years was a member of the Bradentown Council.  He is a vice president in the
Building & Loan Association, a member of the Board of Trade, is a democrat and
is affiliated with the Masons, Knights of Pythias and Odd Fellows.

Presented by  Nancy Rayburn