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Airport Cemetery

   Visited 2/19/2001, transcribed by Vickie Stevens

   This is a small plot located on the corner of Capital Circle S.W. and
   Springhill Road. It's right at the beginning of the landing runway, on
   a small hill. In fact, the airport runway was built around the cemetery.
   The cemetery is county owned and was part of a pauper's cemetrey. It is
   overgrown with weeds and has many snake holes. You can see many depressions
   from sunken graves. The area is surrounded by chain link fence placed
   there by the City of Tallahassee to block it from the runway and field
   around the runway.

   In the photo below, the cemetery is the darker unmowed area about where the
   orange of the caution sign is. Look in the field behind the sign.

Willie James Allen
born 7/10/1943, died 3/18/1990
Roscoe Brown
born 7/4/1933, died 10/27/1992
Jeremy Wesley Coleman
born 1/26/1983, died 11/19/1985
Rev L D Elliott Sr
Born in Richmond VA 12/18/1844, Died here 12/7/1922
This monument erected by son L D Elliott Jr
Walter T Galvin
born 11/13/1921, died 8/23/1980
Eva Mae Jones
born 7/2/1938, died 2/26/1993
Mary M Jones
born 10/14/1898, died 1/16/1992
Nathan Jones
born 12/2/1901, died 9/24/1976
W McCall?
This stone is lying on the ground and appears to be hand carved
Christian "Chris" McConico
born 5/7/1919, died 11/10/1985
Jennis Morris
born 9/8/1911, died 6/5/1987
There are over 30 indentations in the ground that appear to be
sunken graves.
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