Lake County

1920 Election Inspectors and Clerks

Leesburg Commercial, Friday, October 8, 1920.
Organize to ...ll party vote
 Monday afternoon in response to call by the executive committee of the Woman's Club a meeting was held in the council rooms in the Mote Block for the purpose of impressing upon the women the importance of registering and voting. The meeting was ad dressed by J. S. McCawley, G. D. Leach, T. G. Futch and Dr. W. H. Howell who impressed upon the women the fact that whether or not they desired to vote it was their duty as American citizens to do so. A canvassing committee consisting of Mrs. F. L. Ezell, Mrs. J. A. Hanson and Mrs. F. C. Hester was appointed to impress upon the white women of Leesburg and surrounding country the importance of registering.
 At the meeting of the board of county commissioners in Tavares Monday, Mrs. Ezell, the first woman to register in Lake County, was honored with the appointment as one of the inspectors in the Leesburg precinct.
 Lists of clerks and inspectors for the general election of Nov. 2, 1920, for the several precincts of Lake County as appointed by the county commissioners of said county at their regular meeting held October 4th, 1920.
T. C. SMYTH, Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners. .
Precinct No. 1, Astor — Inspectors, Thomas Nesbit, Phillip Doss, P. H. Baer. Clerk, J. W. Caldwell.
Precinct No. 2, Altoona — Inspectors, J. N. Brantley, A. J. Wainwright, and E. L. Parker. Clerk, S. B. Brantley.
Precinct No. 3, Paisley — Inspectors, T. B. Gautier, D. W. Slone, and A. D. Perkins. Clerk, N. Lafon.
Precinct No. 4, Cassia — Inspectors, W. F. Hedges, E. A. Royal and Mrs. W. Royal. Clerk, Warran Royal.
Precinct No. 5, Sorrento — Inspectors, J. D. Kennedy, F. S. Battle. and Mrs. Arthur Allen. Clerk, J. A. Cowart.
Precinct No. 6, Eustis — Dr. T. S. Kennedy, W. H. Bishop ad Mrs. Geo. Barnes. Clerk, H. A. Ferran.
Precinct No. 7, Umatilla — Inspectors, W. A. Whitcomb, H. A. Wilson, and F. L. Owens. Clerk, C. J. Turner.
Precinct No. 8, Grand Island — Inspectors, C. A. Peurifoy, Chas. Netherland and J. F. White. Clerk. N. A. Little.
Precinct No. 9, Lisbon — Inspectors, John Fail, L. A. Gastfield, and D. H. Rogers.
Clerk, J. C. Alsobrooks.
Precinct No. 10, Leesburg — Inspectors, James A. Lee, Mrs. F. L. Ezell, and L. E. Eigle. Clerk, B. A. Williams.
Precinct No. 11, Lady Lake — Inspectors, J. W. Stringfellow, W. H. Shaddick, and T. W. Adams. Clerk, W. H. Hayter.
Precinct No. 12, Okahumpka — Inspectors, H. E. Price, Mrs. A. Fomby, and M. Revels. Clerk, A. B. Merritt.
Precinct No. 13, Yalaha — Inspectors. J. S. Godfrey, S. A. McEaddy, and R. F. Kleiser. Clerk, Stanley James.
Precinct No. 14, Mascotte — Inspectors, W. J. Knight, W. O. Clarke, and J. W. Baker. Clerk, Geo. M. Myers.
Precinct No. 15, Clermont — Inspectors, James B. Jones, Mattie Brantley. C. H. Goodenough. Clerk, Carl Kindred.
Precinct No. 16, Montverde — Inspectors, R. W. Harper, S. H. Crawley,
Mrs. Wm. Sheppard. Clerk, W. D. Walker.
Precinct No. 17. Astatula — Inspectors, N. T. English, John Reeves, and Mattie Reeves. Clerk. Walker Jenkins.
Precinct No. 18, Victoria — Inspectors, C. L. Nimnicht, J. E. Mattocks, and T. C. Caldwell. Clerk. H. R. Whitcomb.
Precinct No. 19, Tavares — Inspectors, E. P. McColumn, P. J. Lowrie, and E. S. Burliegh. Clerk, W. B. Powell.
Precinct No. 20, Mt. Dora — Inspectors, Arthur Orton, Mrs. L. R. Tremain, and George LaDue. Clerk, James Simpson.
Precinct No. 22, Minneola — Inspectors, A. A. Pitt, D. Campbell, and Mrs. Eliza Hunt. Clerk, H. H. Hatton.
Precinct No. 23, Groveland — Inspectors, J. D. Slone, W. A. Lyon, and Mrs. B. F. Hawkins. Clerk, B. C. Hartley.
Precinct No. 24, Ethel -– Inspectors, T. E. White, James Boyd, and T. I. Boyd. Clerk. Allen Pirie.
Precinct No. 25, Fruitland Park — Inspectors, J. Vicker Smith, T. B. Stinson, and Geo. R. Smith. Clerk, W. G. Rose.
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