Lake County Florida 


This is not a complete listing of all pioneers of Lake Co.  In 1987 these pioneers were honored at the Lake County Anniversary.  This included only the people for whom descendants participated.  If you have biographies or photos on these early settlers, please share.  Another page will list residents who found their way to Lake County after 1900's.

Alsobrook Zachary Taylor
Anderson James Clermont
Bailey Herbert F. Minneola
Bailey Alice Mae Minneola
Becker Henry William Clermont
Boshop Fernando A. Minneola
Bishop Henry W. Eustis
Brantley William
Brantley Stibbins B. Umatilla
Butler George A. Tavares
Beville Grandville Sumter
Bethea Mary Altoona
Cassady Andrew J. ?Lisbon
Carlton Steven S. Mascotte
Carter Allen T. Carter's Island
Chapman Samuel Hamilton Eustis
Church George William Eustis
Clifford Guilford David Eustis
Conner James S. Umatilla
Conner Wesley N. Tavares
Duncan Henry Holcomb Tavares
Dykes Jasper Jackson Eustis
Davis Samuel W. Tavares
Drawdy William Seneca
Dowling Charlotte
Ferran Edgar L. Eustis
Franklin Reuben M Mount Dora
Getch Ethelred Colson Umatilla
Gano Archibald Renfro Mascotte
Hooks Herring Okahumpka
Hardin Ira H.
Hull George W. Minneola
Hunt Eugene Hunt Minneola
Hux Thomas A. Fort Mason
Hunter Ellis H. Eustis
Hull George Washington Minneola
Hall John Fruitland Park
Judy William South Lake
Lee George Marion Leesburg
Lee James Groveland
Lee Josiah Akin Leesburg
Leffers Dr. James Leffers Lisbon
Manes Ellis Grand Island
Matthews David Leesburg
Morin Philias P. Eustis
Merritt Mathew P. South Lake
McEaddy William James Yalaha
McLin Benjamin Earnest Umatilla
Milton Andrew Milton Grand Island
Norman Rilla Lou Okahumpka
Owens James Marion, Sr. Umatilla
Peacock William Valdosta Whitney
Perry Frederic Alexander Fruitland Park
Peter Henry Julius Orange Bend
Power Samuel H. Eustis
Richey William Herbert Leesburg
Robertson Thomas Marmaduke Leesburg
Roebuck Oscar Whitney
Rutherford James J. Eustis
Rennolds Edwin Hansford, Sr. Leesburg
Sadler Dr. Orin W. Mount Dora
Shelton William Thomas Umatilla
Shores William G. Altoona
Simpson David Milton Mount Dora
Singeltary Richard William Conant
Slone Daniel Groveland
Slone Robert James Mascotte
Stivender Arthur A. Leesburg
Stivender Akin Leesburg
Stallings Jessie Lane Leesburg
Straker Robert Minneola
Smith Samuel F. Fruitland Park
Tremain Ross Clark Mount Dora
Trowell Nathan Johnston Umatilla
Tucker Joseph S. Seneca
Terrill Willis Edward Eustis
Wainright Andrew Jackson
Westbrook Capt Daniel Jonathan Clermont
Walton Jacob M. Lady Lake
Yancey Benjamin C. Umatilla
Yancey Dalton Huger Umatilla

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