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This is an incomplete list of involvment of the United States  of America

We are proud of these men and women who served their country .  This list is for all those who served.  

It is not limited to those who died in combat.  Please provide information on those you wish recognized.   

War of 1812  

Civil War 1861-1865

Civil War Confederate Veterans Camp 279  

Civil War Confederate Veterans Camp 741

Singletary, Lt. Col. Richard W,  
Pickens Butler Wever

GAR Veterans

Spanish-American War  1898

Spanish -American War Veterans Roster

World War I   1917-1918

Atwater, Hatten H Florida Cook 8r C Trans Corps Greenwood Cem, E, G029
Boone, Arthur Hudson Florida SFC Air Service Hillcrest Cem, Leesburg
Cartwright, Manson W Dist of Columbia 1 Lieut QM  CORPS Greenwood Cem,  E , DD
Dorris, Gordon Felix (Phelix) Florida Pvt 22 Co 156, Depot Brigade
Lone Oak Cem, L
Hippler, C. Harold Florida Greenwood Cem
Ramsey,  Joseph O Pennsylvania PFC Camp Hosp.  Greenwood Cem, E, G026
Young, Gale K Illinois First Lieutenant Infantry, WWI ?

WorldWar II   1941-1945

           Off Duty Pass, Eustis, Fl

WWII Personnel


Allen, Williaam Jr US Navy CGM Astor
Bailey, Charles R.   US Army CPL
Caldwell, John Jr.              USMC Sgt 1st Class  Greenwood, E
Cantleberry, Dellmar S           US Navy CGM
Carter, Elwood Wilson Sr.      US Army T Sgt Astor
Cohn, Henry W                        US Army  PVT  Greenwood, E
Compton, Fred Monroe US Air Corps Palm Cemetery, Winter Park Fl
Culpepper William B. Jr US Air Force MAJ Astor
DeLaet. Kenneth B. Jr  US Army Pvt Greenwood,E   CR 220
Dillard, Butler  A.       US Army Greenwood,E     G203
Fermoile, John W US Army T SGT
George, Oral W US Navy S1 Astor
Harrison, Delbert Wesley US Navy HA1 Greenwood,E      G187
Hendricks, James C US Army PFC Astor
Jaite, Blaine F Sr.   US Army TEC5 Astor
Line, Rose Marie US Army CAPT Groveland
Ladd, George M US Army SSGT Pine Forest
Logas, Christ P. US Arny CPL Mount Dora
Martin, Francis US Navy BMC Fla National, Bushnell, Fl.
Marteny, Paul    US Army 1st SGT Greenwood, E   G202
McCarthy, William L US Army PFC Astor
McClellan, Edwood Vance US Army PFC Astor

Neaves,  Leo A US Army TEC5 Astor

Orr, Paul D US Army TEC5
Penley, Robert Claud US Army Umatilla Cemetery
Pietraszer, Joseph C US Army PFC Greenwood G188
Roberts, Bernice Magdalena Rohlff US Marine ? Cremated   *Note: last Female WWII Veteran
Saul, William Ballard   US Navy Seaman 2nd Class Astor
Skaggs, Lawrence Burl US Army

Smith, Frederick Allison US Navy Greenwood, Eustis
Smith, Walter Andrews Smith US Navy Greenwood, Eustis

Sprinkle, Robert A US Army TEC4 Astor
Stennett, James David US Army TEC5 Astor
Sweetman, Harry F US Army PFC Astor
Wright, Sandy     US Navy S1 Astor




Korean War 1950-1953

Crenshaw   Roy N                   Pfc     Army    Lake        23 Apr 1951         Killed in Action
Frisz  Charles D                      Pfc     Army     Lake          1 Nov 1950        Killed in Action


Glynn  John Joseph  Jr           AM3  Navy    Lake         12 Jun 1984

Vietnam   1962-1975

Virtual Wall (searchable)
Boudreau, John Thomas CPL US MARINE CORPS 
Hill, Rodger Duane    US NAVY
Smith, Vaughn David  ILT US ARMY    Greenwood

Persian Gulf -Desert Storm, Iraq   1991

Iraq Conflict 1991 -

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